One way of looking at the world would be to say that there are ‘good’ people and then there are ‘bad’ people. The former generally do good things and want to make the world a better place, while the latter generally do bad things and want to make the world worse (or better in their eyes).

When it comes to the ‘good’ people, there will be those that quietly go about their business and those that are in the public eye, and everyone in between. On the other hand, when it comes to the ‘bad’ people, there will also be those that are not well known and those that are in the public eye, along with everyone in between.

It’s clear

Based on this very black and white view of the world - one that is often presented by the entertainment industry - if the ‘bad’ people didn’t exist, the world would be different. This is similar to having a garden that is full of flowers and weeds and, if the weeds were not there, everything would be perfect.

However, although it can seem as though there are ‘good’ and ‘bad’ people, what if it is not actually this black and white? What if the ‘good’ people have as much to do with the ‘bad’ in the world as the ‘bad’ people do?

One Level

If the average person was to hear this, they could say that this is something that is totally irrational and doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. If they do a lot of good things and typically live there life in the ‘right’ way, they could say that there is no way that they could have anything to do with any of the bad things that are taking place ‘out there’.

They could think of someone who they know who does a lot of bad things or someone in the public eye and see this person as being radically different to them. To hear that they are like these people could cause them to feel angry and deeply offended.

The Outcome

Consequently, one will be able to do the right things, but they won’t be able to do much about the bad things that these people do. They could believe that only those with a lot of power such as the government, for instance, can do anything to put an end up the ‘evil’ that exists in the world.

If one ends up feeling slightly or completely helpless, it is not going to be much of a surprise. What could play a part here is if one spends a lot of time-consuming the mainstream media as this source primarily focuses on what is wrong about the world.

Another Level

Now, while the view that the ‘good’ people could have as much to do with the ‘bad’ in the world as the ‘bad’ people do can seem preposterous, it can start to make sense if it is viewed in a totally different light. For this to make sense, though, one will need to put how they perceive reality to one side.

In general, they, along with most of their fellow human beings, will have been conditioned to see themselves as simply observes of reality. What is going on ‘out there’ is then not going to have a lot to do with them.

A New Outlook

What if what appears to be taking place ‘out there’ is simply a manifestation of their own consciousness? This will mean that what is taking place in their conscious and their so-called unconscious mind will shape their personal experience and what is taking place on the planet as a whole.

Their ego-mind, though creating the illusion of separation, will cause one to see themselves as separate from everything and everything. Thanks to being identified with this part of them and thus, being consumed by this illusion, one won’t be able to see through it.

Out of Sight

So, as they themselves, or their fellow human beings, are not separate from anyone or anything, it means that what is taking place within them, and others, is influencing what takes place ‘out there’. And, even though their conscious mind might not carry much negativity, their unconscious mind could be loaded with negativity.

Yet, due to the fact that they may have no awareness of the negativity that is held deep inside their being, it won’t be possible for them to see how what is going on ‘out there’ is mirroring back what is taking place inside them. Through being a stranger to themselves, the darkness in the world won’t be seen as having anything to do with them.

The Nature of the Mind

Their ego-mind has all kinds of defences that will allow them to avoid their own pain and while it would be easy to see this as ‘bad’, these are neutral. Ultimately, these defences are there to protect their psycho and they are there to shed light on what they need to resolve within themselves.

One of the defences that will cause one to see their inner darkness ‘out there’ is the defence mechanism known as ‘projection’. Through placing the parts of themselves that they have lost touch with into others, one will be able to see what they need to heal.

The Key

Nonetheless, for one to utilise the information that is being provided by this defence mechanism, or any other for that matter, one will need to realise what is going on. If they have been conditioned to believe that what is ‘out there’ has absolutely nothing to do with them, they won’t be able to resolve what is creating or at the very least, supporting what is going on externally.

Instead, they can try to change what is going on externally and this can cause them to unknowingly feed into the very reality that they want to change. For one thing, they will be coming from a place of resistance and what is resisted is what will persist and grow, and their energy won’t be used to support or create a new reality.

Final Thoughts

As the ego-mind has so many ways to stop someone from coming into contact with their own inner wounds, it is essential for them to develop self-knowledge. Through dealing with their own baggage, they will be able to create a new reality for themselves and opposed fighting what is not wanted and strengthening it the process.

By changing their own consciousness, they will also change the collective consciousness. This is not the easy route; it would be far easier to try to change what is going on ‘out there’.

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