When someone has an elevated view of themselves, it can be normal for other people to see them as deluded. This person is simply going to be another human being, but they will create the impression that they are different.

It can be as though they are from another planet, with this being somewhere where superior beings live. Most, if not all, of the people who live on the earth are then going to be less-than them.

The Common Thread

There are probably thousands of people on the earth who have this view, but they will all have the same thing in common. It is then not going to matter if someone like this doesn’t belong to movement, for instance, as the view that they have of themselves will connect them to these people.

Yet, if they were all put in the same room together, it doesn’t mean that any of them would realise what they have in common. Each person would probably perceive the others as being no different to how they perceive the people in their day-to-day life.

Two Types

When someone sees themselves in this way, they can be in a position of power or they can have a fairly normal job. If someone has a high powered job, this can validate the view that they have of themselves.

But, even if someone doesn’t have a job like this, it is not going to affect the idea that they have of themselves. This part of their life can be overlooked by them or seen as being just a stepping stone, for instance.

No Reason

Although someone like this could come up with a reason why they are better than others, they won’t need to. Who they are, not what they do, will be what makes them better than others.

Therefore, they won’t need to be someone who is supremely successful in a material sense; their mere existence will be enough to prove that this is so. This will take away a lot of pressure and it will allow them to rationalise why they haven’t achieved certain things.

At The Root

At some point in this person’s life, it is highly likely that they were made to feel as though they were completely worthless. This could have been how their mother/father made them feel not once, but on a regular basis as a child.

Disconnecting from what was taking place in their body (where their true-self is) and creating an identity in their head (where their false-self is) would then have been a way for them to handle this pain. Thanks to the minds dual nature, being in their head would have allowed them to go from one extreme to another – from being less-than others, to being more-than others.

A Slightly Different Scenario

While this is how someone can be when they are an individual and are not part of a group, for instance, it doesn’t mean that this is always the case. What can also take place is that someone can be this way if they are religious.

Ergo, irrespective of what religion they are part of, they will believe that this makes them superior to the people who are not religious or those that are part of another religion. This may mean that one makes this perfectly clear, or they could do what they can do make sure that other people don’t realise this.

Hidden From Sight

When this happens, someone like this could do what they can to undermine the people who are not part of their religion. But, due to how they do this, the average person will be totally oblivious to what is taking place behind the scenes.

And, while this is going on, someone like this could even make out that they are being oppressed or victimised by others. This will take the spotlight away from what they are doing, allowing them to carry on as normal.

The Sensible Approach

If someone believes that being part of a certain religion makes them better, and they want to undermine people from other religions or even whole societies, it is going to be far better for them to keep this to themselves and the people who are the same as them. Talking about this openly is only going to create problems; problems that will stop them from achieving their plans.

The problem that people like this have in today’s world is that it is a lot harder for them to hide their true intentions. Still, search engines and social media sites like to control what people can and can’t see, so this makes it harder for people to get hold of certain information.

A Big Difference

When a whole group of people have a superiority complex, it is not going to be the same as when Individuals have this outlook. In the first case, these people are going to be working together, but when it comes to the second case, these people are not going to be.

So, while an Individual will can harm the people who they come into contact with, a whole group of people could destroy a society, for instance. It won’t matter that these people are their fellow human beings; what will matter is that they are not part of their religion/tribe.

The Key Time

It is unlikely that someone like this was born this way, yet that doesn’t mean that what was passed down to them ancestrally didn’t have an effect. What may have played the biggest part was how their caregivers spoke about people who didn’t belong to the same religion, how they spoke to them, and how their caregivers spoke to each other and other family members during their early years.

When this took place, one wouldn’t have been made to feel worthless by their caregivers; they would have been falsely empowered by them. Their caregivers, along with other people who were around at this time, would have set them up to be deluded.

Set In Stone

The years would then have passed and what they were told by these people would have gradually defined how they saw themselves and others. The seeds that were planted in their mind would have firmly taken route.

It is then not simply going to be something that they were told and have come to believe; it will be the ultimate truth. Their whole world is then going to be filtered through what they were told by other people.


If someone experienced this kind of abuse as a child, it is hard to say if they will ever be able to see what took place and realise that they are not special or better than certain people. It can all depend on if they are able to detach from the identity they have created and to get back in touch with their true essence.

If they are able to get underneath the identity that they have created, and to embrace their true feelings, they may find that they end up feeling worthless. This can come down to the fact that their true-self was overlooked during their early years, which would have caused them to believe that there was something wrong with them.

The same thing most likely happened to their caregivers, with this type of abuse being something that has taken place for many, many generations. But, until someone wakes up and is no longer willing to play a role that was assigned to them at birth, this pattern is likely to continue.

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