At this point in time, there are numerous people in America, and in other countries around the world, who are looking forward to their being a new president. For some of these people, the icing on the cake is that, for the first time, the vice president will be a woman.

According to certain mainstream media sources and public figures, the above is something that is set in stone. There is then no chance whatsoever that another outcome will take place.

It Could All Change

However, as the mainstream media’s primary intention is not to actually inform people about what is going on in the word and is more interested in defining how people perceive reality, it would wise not to get too caught up in what is currently taking place. Soon enough, though, it will be clear what the outcome of this election is.

For those who are happy with how it all appears to be going, this is not going to be something that they will want to hear. The last thing that these people will want is for the person who is currently in the white house to be there for another four years.

In The Same Position

When it comes to some of the people like this and some of those who want someone else to be in charge, they are going to have one thing in common. What these people will believe is that having the ‘right’ person in power is the key to making their life and their country, and perhaps even the world, better.

This person will be like a parental figure and someone who can save them and their country. Someone like this is then unlikely to see themselves as someone who has much control over their life.

The Solution

In order for their life and their country to change, they will need someone ‘out there’ to assist them. Through having this outlook, they will need to also hope that whoever they have chosen will stay true to what they have said, that’s if they are actually voted in.

If their chosen candidate ends up winning, they can end up experiencing a whole host of positive feelings and be optimistic about the future. On the other hand, if this doesn’t happen, they can have the opposite experience.

Back To Reality

Now, even if the ‘right’ person wins, there is still a strong chance that their life won’t really change. They will still have different challenges to deal with, challenges that are just part of the human experience.

Likewise, even if the ‘wrong’ person was to win, they are still going to have different challenges to deal with. Either way, it is unlikely that their life is just going to get a lot better or worse.

The Same Old Story

If someone, who is totally consumed by what they believe will happen if their candidate wins was to speak to someone who has been on the planet for many, many decades, they could be surprised by what they are told. This person could tell them that although different presidents/governments will come and go, it is ultimately up to them to change their own life.

Having been on this planet for so long and being only too aware of the kinds of things that people like this say to get votes, they won’t fall for it any longer. They will know that looking towards someone else to change their life is a complete waste of time.

Going Deeper

Another part of this is that when someone looks towards someone else to change their life, it is likely to illustrate that they see themselves as nothing more than an observer of their life. What is going on ‘out there’ is then going to have very little to do with them.

Therefore, they, along with most of their fellow human beings, are going to need someone ‘out there’ to change the world. As a result of this outlook, it is not going to be much of a surprise that they are so caught up in who will be the next person in charge.

The Big Illusion

Now, what if one, along with their fellow human beings, is not a mere observer of what is going on ‘out there’? What if they are actively playing a part in how they experience life and the situations, circumstances and events that they find themselves in?

If this is the case, it would mean that what is taking place in both their conscious and unconscious mind is creating their reality and co-creating what is taking place on the planet as a whole. One is then a powerful being who is playing small and once they understand this at the core of their being, they can change their world and the world by changing themselves.

A Key Understanding

Also, if one is not just an observer and is playing a part in what is going on ‘out there’, it won’t make sense for them to look towards someone ‘out there’ to change their life. What is going ‘out there’ will be a reflection of their, and others, consciousness and so this is what will need to change for the world to change.

If there isn’t a shift on the inside, how will it be possible for there to be a shift on the outside? This will be similar to someone who continually ends up in dysfunctional relationships who expects the next person to be different; the only way the next person will be different is if they change themselves.

Final Thoughts

Focusing on what is going on externally and overlooking what is going on internally has held humanity back for a very long time. If everyone on the planet understood how their inner would effects the outer world, the planet is likely to be radically different.

One challenge here is that it is part of the human experience to have an ego-mind, and this part of someone will cause them to see themselves as separate from everyone and everything. With this illusion in place, what is going on ‘out there’ will always be seen as the problem and what is going on internally, that’s if it is even acknowledged, will be seen as being inconsequential.

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