Nowadays, if someone has an issue with a certain gender/race/religion, it won’t be difficult for them to find others who are the same. Not only are there websites and groups that will support their position, there are also political parties and movements.

Irrespective of what their position is, what it will boil down to is that they are likely to assign a number of negative attributes to fill-in-the-blank. As a result of this, these people are then going to be seen as less-than-human.

Another Influence

Interestingly, their time in the education system could have also played a part in the view that they have. This should have been somewhere that was supposed to educate and expand their mind.

Instead, it would have simply conditioned them to have a certain worldview and to demonize certain people. Considering this, it would be far more accurate to say that this was a time when they were well and truly brainwashed.


Anyway, through having their view supported by a political party/movement, it will be strengthened and even normalised. The fact that so many other people have this view will be seen as a sign that what they believe is the absolute truth and the ‘right’ view to have.

In addition to this support, they could also only spend time with people who have the same view as they themselves do. The outcome of all this is that one can be so certain about what they believe.

Trapped In a Bubble

Ultimately, their mind is going to be strongly attached to a certain outlook, and it won’t be able to accept anything that goes again this outlook. Consequently, it will be a waste of time for someone to try to get through to them.

It won’t matter if this person can prove that what one believes is wrong as their mind won’t allow them to see that what they believe is wrong. A solid wall will be up and there will be no way to get through it.


As the human mind filters reality through what it believes to be true, it will mean that one will have a lot of evidence that ‘proves’ that what they believe is the truth. There will be their everyday experiences and there can be information that supports their view.

What these two things will do is allow them to keep their view alive and make it more or less impossible for them to realise that their mind is deceiving them. For them to realise that the world is simply mirroring back what they believe, they would need to detach from their mind.

The Way Forward

With that aside, one can believe that their life and the world as a whole would be better off if fill-in-the-blank were no longer alive or were punished in some way. This can mean that they will be happy for certain laws to be put into place that will have a negative impact on these people or that will go even further than this and bring their time on this earth to an end.

Therefore, what they have in mind could be seen as something that is bad at best and evil at worst. One doesn’t need to look too far back in history to see the destruction and misery that a view like this can have.

Two Levels

For someone like this, there is what is going on at a mental level and then there is what is going on at an emotional level. When it comes to the first level, this is likely to relate to what will allow them to avoid what is taking place at the second level.

In other words, the view that they have, and the beliefs that go with it, is in place to prevent them from coming into contact with their deeper feelings. These will be the feelings that are under the ones that they are likely to experience such as anger and rage.

A Defence

If they were to take a step back from what is ‘out there’ and to go deep inside themselves, they might come into contact with a lot of pain. This would be a time when they would see that they have been projecting the ‘dark’ parts of themselves into others.

But, as they were out of touch with themselves, it wouldn’t have been possible for them to see what was going on. Their external will have brought to their attention the wounded and uncomfortable parts of themselves that need to be acknowledged and integrated.

Another Part

What they could also find during this time is that they have had a least one painful experience with someone and, after this took place, they generalised the experience. Thus, what one person did would have been seen as a reflection of what all fill-in-the-blank is like.

As an adult, their conscious mind will have forgotten all about this experience but their unconscious mind will have remembered, and this is why it would have continued to influence their life. Generalising from the particular is something that their mind would have done to protect them.

Final Thoughts

What this illustrates is that someone can be totally oblivious as to why they actually believe something. Yet, by being unaware of what is really going on, it will allow them to keep their inner wounds at bay.

This also shows that even though someone’s emotional self can be seen as being separate from their intellectual self and not having much of an effect on this part of them; it is not separate and it exerts a lot of influence on them. The ego-mind has many ways to stop one from coming into contact with their own pain and demonising a large part of the population is just another way for this to take place.

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