Fairly recently, a number of celebrities have spoken out about climate change (the current phrase). Along with this, a number of them have even taken part in some of the extinction rebellion protests.

In general, these people have said that more needs to be done to protect the planet and that, if more is not done, the earth will destroyed in a very short period of time. One thing that is also mentioned is the damage that fossil fuels are doing to the earth.

An Important Role

One way of look at all this would be to say that it is a good job that people like this are speaking out. A lot of damage is being done to the earth and more needs to be done to protect it.

Ergo, by having people like this speak out, people that have lot of influence over so many people, far more is likely to be done to protect the planet. Clearly, someone like this is likely to have a bigger impact than the average person on the street.

A Strange Scenario

Another way of looking at this would be to say that although it is a good thing that people like this are speaking up, it is strange that they don’t practice what they preach. On the one hand, someone like this is talking about how fossil fuels are damaging the planet and that more needs to be done.

On the other hand, this is also likely to be someone who uses far more fossil fuel than the average person does. They could have at least one private plane, numerous houses and a whole fleet of cars.

Hard To Fathom

So if someone was to think about this, they might find it hard to understand how these celebrities can be so hypocritical. It doesn’t stop there, though, as they might also wonder how they can be so sanctimonious.

The first thing that could come to mind is that people like this must lack any kind of self-awareness. And although they simply act for a living, it is as if they have developed a god complex.

A Superior Position

Therefore, as their fame and fortune has gone to their head, causing them to lose touch with their own humanity and reality, they are unable to see how hypocritical they are. Like other human beings, they will also defecate, bleed and die at some point in time, but they will see themselves as being above the average person.

As a result of this, the rules that apply to people like this won’t apply to them. It is strange how someone like this can be so deluded, yet it must be hard to stay level-headed given the fact that they have so much money and are treated like gods by so many people.

It Doesn’t End There

What has been said above doesn’t completely match up with what has been going on, however, as a number of these celebrities have recently come out and said that the media are right to call them hypocrites. It would then seem that somehow, some these people have had a flash of self-awareness.

The term ‘flash’ is used as their response was very similar to a burglar, who only apologises because they have been caught, not because they realise they have done anything wrong. The general gist of their response was that we are all in this together, even though they lead very different lives to the average person.

Business as Usual

Based on what they came out with, it is highly unlikely that they will alter their lifestyle. If anything, they will need even more fossil fuel so that they can fly around the planet to tell the mere mortals of the world how to live their life and to pick up different environmental awards.

What is clear is that regardless of what is done to try to avert what these people and other ‘experts’ believe is going to happen, that’s if something doesn’t change, whether it is more taxes or controlling what people can or can’t eat, these celebrities are unlikely to be effected. They will continue to live however they want to live, while telling everyone else how to live.

One Narrative

What is interesting about these celebrities is that they generally come out with the same things that the mainstream media comes out with. Due to this, it would be easy to assume that the reason for this is that the mainstream media only shares what is true and accurate, with their being no hidden agenda.

Nonetheless, it might be more accurate to say that these celebrities, like the mainstream media, are all mouth pieces for the establishment. These people then have to act when they are making a film, hiding who they are, and they have to act when they are not making a film, hiding who they are again.

One Big Illusion

These people are then going to work somewhere that creates illusions – Hollywood – and they will help to keep the illusions that establishment has created in the real world alive. They won’t be allowed to veer away from this narrative; if they do, their career would probably be over.

To the average person, someone like this can appear to be just an actor/actress who has their own views and makes their own decisions, but this will be far from the truth. What has helped to maintain this illusion is the fact that establishment has had so much control over what people could find out about.


But while the internet has made it easier for people to find out about things that the mainstream doesn’t cover, the establishment is tightening the noose again by controlling what people can see online. The people behind the scenes only want people to see the world in one way, so anything that challenges the official narrative is seen as a problem.

Terms like ‘hate speech’ have most likely been created to suppress certain information, all the while creating the impression that this is not taking place and that the right thing is being done. These people understand that you can’t control people directly or they would notice it and resist; it is has to be done indirectly and very slowly, so that they don’t notice it and resist.

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