Before someone becomes a prime minister or a president, they will often talk about what they will do to make the country better for the people. And, as this person will be looking to get the top job, so to speak, this could be seen as something that is expected.

The main objective, after all, should be to make sure that the citizens who live in their country are taken care of first. This is not to say that people who live in other countries shouldn’t be given consideration.

First Things First

However, if the needs of the people who live in others countries were placed above the needs of the people who live in the country, it would show that something isn’t right. This is something that a future prime minister/president will be aware of.

If they were to talk about what they are going to do for other countries and overlook the country they are there to represent, they wouldn’t get very far. This is why this won’t be one of the things they focus on.

A Different Stance

Once they have managed to convince enough people of their suitability for the position that is up for grabs, they may stay true to their word. If they do, their priority will be to do what they can to serve their fellow citizens.
Then again, it could soon become clear that their loyalties lie elsewhere. In this case, their main concern can be to do what they can for people from other countries and to disregard their fellow citizen’s needs and concerns.

Out of Sight

Still, this may be something that is only clear is someone has the inclination to look beyond what the mainstream media tells them. If they were to rely on this source of information to inform them about what is actually going in their country in particular, and the world in general, they may remain in the dark.

This source of information is then there to keep people informed, but they are more interested in doing everything they can to keep people uninformed. But, as long as someone believes that this source is there to inform them, it will stop them from causing too many problems

A Big Issue

For example, before a prime minister/president got into power, they may have waxed lyrical about how they were going to protect the country’s borders. Nonetheless, now that they are in power, they could do the complete opposite

So, instead of clamping down on the amount of people who come into the country, they might not have done anything. And, to add insult to inquiry, they may have even signed a certain pact.

An Act of Betrayal

Due to what is taking place in their country, someone can wonder what is going on and why their prime minister/president is not looking out for the country’s best interests. One way to look at this would be to say that the prime minister/president is just two-faced.

Through having a highly developed ability to deceive others, the ability to handle a lot of criticism, and a strong need for attention, it allowed them to gradually rise up to the top. The only thing that this person is going to be interested in, then, will be power, not making a positive difference.

Another Reason

It could be this simple, but then again, there is the chance that there is far more to it. There is the chance that right from very beginning, this prime minister/president wasn’t there to serve the people.

Instead, this person was probably there to serve the interests of a group of people that are not in the public eye. When it comes to what these people want, it is likely to be radically different to what the average person wants.

A Positive Spin

Yet, while the agenda that these people have for the world won’t be revealed directly to the public, it will be revealed indirectly. The version that they will reveal, via the mainstream media, academia and the government, for instance, will be the sugar coated version.

It is then not going to be that these people want a one world government so that they can control every part of someone’s life; no, it is that having a one world government will solve every problem under the sun and lead to heaven on earth. This will then be very enticing proposition as opposed to something that needs to be completely discarded.

An Analogy

This is then tantamount to someone asking one of their friends if they would like to go swimming with them in crystal clear water, leaving out the fact that the water will be full of sharks. Through leaving this vital pierce of information out, the other person won’t need to be forced; they will happily go along with this idea.

One doesn’t need to have a comprehensive understanding of how to manipulate others in order to see that it is easier to do this when another person doesn’t realise what is taking place. If another person does realise what is going on, it is not going to be possible to pull the wool over their eyes.


To some people, the idea that most of the people in power are simply puppets for the so- called elite is going to sound like a conspiracy theory. But, if someone is willing to question what they are told and has the ability to see patterns, it will most likely become clear that what is taking place in the world is orchestrated.

As for a world government, this can sound like a great idea – the whole world working together, no longer fighting. Yet, while the idea is sound, the only way something like this is likely to work is if it is instigated by people who have a certain level of consciousness.

Most of the people at the top are likely to be completely out of touch with their essence and, therefore, see themselves as being separate from everything and everyone. Without the right level of mental, emotional and spiritual maturity, they would do more harm than good.

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