Skilled nursing stems from Critical thinking. It is vital for effective patient care provision and is also indispensable part of nursing education.

A spontaneous decision taken by nurse’s, which tends to be a common practice is one of the major hurdles in the path of effective patient care and thus affects the speedy recovery of the patient.

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If proper care, scrutiny and critique are not taken into consideration while nursing practice implementation, the outcome tends to be significantly negative with altered implications. Routine application of reflective and strategic thought process is one of the most preferred learning tools of critical thinking and hence ensures disciplined, pre-mediated and calculated solutions to the nursing situations, thereby ensuring quality patient care.

Command over the rudiments of consideration and the broad-spectrum intellectual principles are required for addressing the multitudinous problems and issues in routine nursing practices. Critical Thinking develops over time and requires changes of rational thought, personalities, and dispositions.

Application of skillful reasoning directs the belief or actions and hence results into regimented & rational process termed as critical thinking process. Nurses ability to achieve a systematic and logical thought process, with fair reasoning backed by questions ensures safe and quality care nursing practice.

The critical thinking ability has to be demonstrated while the nurses listen, speak, read and write. A broad ranged, precise, complete and clear logical thought process intended towards the purpose of care delivery is the trait of a critical thinker. Unambiguous and clear presentation of thoughts and ideas comes from critical thinking.

It is imperative for the nurses to keep in track with recent advancements in the related fields and published literature. Participation in nursing seminars for the knowledge enhancement about personalized and structured patient care and Patient & family education.

As per Registered Nurse's Association of British Columbia, 1990, the nursing professionals who are critical thinkers are the ones who skillfully apply erudite skills for sound reasoning and logical thinking. These set of skills entail from gathering of information, centralizing the thought process towards the purpose, reminiscence of thoughts and details, organizing the details, scrutinizing, engendering, and amalgamating and evaluation traits. The more complex and crucial the situation tends to be the more precisely and intellectually it has to be encountered. Nursing care has to be given with analyzing the care needs in greater depth during complex practice situations and comprehension with consideration of the most sophisticated clinical guidelines.

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