Tracking numbers in your business can be overwhelming; however, this process is crucial to the life span of your business. Tracking your business numbers will reveal the reality about your business performance. Here are some of the important numbers you should track:


Tracking this number will tell you how much money is coming into the business and if this amount complements your business objectives. It is ideal to track your revenue numbers weekly or at least once per month.


Profit is the money you make from your business after paying the total costs. Tracking this number will make it easy to spot failures and successes in your business. It will give you direction of where your business is going.

Customers and Sales

A business without customers is as good as dead. If you run a retail store you need to know the percentage of customers who walk into your store and make a purchase. If you offer educational services you need to know how many people who attend your workshops end up following you or participating in your courses.

Service Ratings

Ask your customers to give feedback about your services. Customer feedback is very important because it may help you to make the necessary improvements. A high ratings means a customer is happy about your service. A happy customer is more likely to refer friends and families to you.

Track your business’ social media numbers

Social media cost time and money therefore it is important to measure if your marketing campaigns on social media were worthwhile.
What social media numbers should you track?

1) Conversion rates

Measuring your conversion rates will tell you if your business social media rates contribute to sales. You can do this by measuring how many newsletter signups, blog subscriptions or product purchase you received from traffic from social media sites. Use Google Analytics to track this business number.

2) Share of voice or SOV

SOV determines the number of mentions your services or brands get in comparison to the mentions of your competitors. Social Mentions is a free tool that you can use to measure your company mentions online.

3) Traffic Referrals

Google Analytics will also help you track the social media sites that give your business more traffic referrals.

If you conduct your business online the above mentioned numbers are crucial to its success. Therefore, it is important to constantly track these numbers.

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