The justice system is not as we assume it to be. Crime is an omission or act that is declared illegal. It is a failure to do what should be done. Justice is reasonable or fair treatment. In India, punishing criminals and controlling their activities lies with the system. Private and government authorities form a part of the criminal justice. The justice system includes criminal, civil, and other sub-laws. The main difference between civil and criminal law is that criminal law aims to punish the wrongdoer. Civil law focuses on giving relief for losses. Criminal lawyers in Delhi can offer guidance on such matters.

The aim of the justice system in Delhi, India is to maintain law and order and also to prevent the occurrence of crime. The criminal activities have to be investigated as well, and those on the wrong have to be punished. Law and order are the main thing to be handled while at the same time protecting the accused and victims. The principle of natural justice is the main foundation here.

The Pillars


The police have a clear role in the criminal legal system, especially in conducting investigations. This is an important link, even though there are other players as well. When a crime takes place, the first thing to do is to file a complaint with the police. You need to find the most relevant information regarding the crime. The police collect important evidence and make arrests. Forensic confirmation is done as well. Special investigative agencies play a major role in India as well.


The duty to maintain law and order is the responsibility of the government. This is why criminal cases have to be fought by the state. There are various exceptions to how a crime is classified. Criminal lawyers in Delhi can give you clear guidance in this case. They are the people to contact after arrests and prosecution. The lawyers are responsible for cross-examining and examining the witnesses and evidence presented before the court to prove the innocence or guilt of the accused person. Criminal lawyers supreme court of India handles cases presented before this court. You should find an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer for the best representation.


The natural justice principle allows decision-making after both parties have been heard in India. Evidence has to be corrected and interrogations done, which has to be shown on the charge sheet. This is to say that you need a lawyer to represent you in the case when a plea is taken. Criminal lawyers supreme court of India make representations in the supreme court. It helps to find a lawyer who is knowledgeable about how things go in Delhi to offer you better chances of success.

The burden of proof in criminal proceedings usually lies with the prosecution, where the accused guilt has to be proven. Defense lawyers need to find any loopholes that could exist in the evidence and investigation to prove the accused is not guilty.


Judges are another pillar of the Indian justice system. Their understanding and opinion of the case help them make a decision. The main way to make the system work is to ensure justice is served and the culprits are punished. There is a need for evidence in such matters. If the evidence is not enough, the case can be dismissed. Matters are usually handled according to the jurisdiction and decided on the extent of the offense or punishment. Lower courts can handle petty offences. Sessions courts handles rape, murder, and such case originally. For the high courts and the supreme courts, they have an appellate type of jurisdiction. Questions of law can be brought to these higher courts directly.

Prison Officials

An arrest can be made after FIR is registered or once the trial concludes. This depends on the evidence, the facts, and the type of offense. Bail in pocso act and other offenses can also be given in some cases. After an arrest, the prison officials take over. They must ensure that everything about the accused is handled well once they take over.

Finding the right criminal lawyers can help you handle everything from when a crime is committed to arrests, to anticipatory bail from the supreme court or any other type of bail, throughout the prosecution up to when the case is concluded, and a verdict given.

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