Cricket seems to be an entertainment game for viewers, but it is a risky game for a cricketer because they deal with the cricket bats and cricket balls that are hard in nature and in general cricket balls are a cork based that are wrapped with twine and covered by leather. Especially batsman and wicket keeper are subjected to more risk than the fielders and bowlers because they are the ones who face the ball either directly or indirectly.

So any hard hit in their legs can damage their career and life so the cricket leg guards were introduced in cricket for the protection of a cricketer. Cricket is existing from 16th century and till now, this game have seen many changes in rules and regulations and also many new cricket equipments have been introduced.

In historic times, the players used a long wood as cricket bats and no special protective cricket gears were available during those times, but later on due to many incidents and injuries, protective gears such as cricket helmets and many other cricket equipments were introduced for the safety purpose of player. More importance has been given to protective gears after the incident that happened to Indian cricket player Mr. Raman Lamba because of a force hit of the ball, he died and then more protection was given to players in form of cricket protective gears. Almost all cricketers give safety protection to their legs because they need to withstand in the grease for a long time and also they need to run to raise the score of the team.

So they give complete protection to their legs through leg guards and the various leg guards available for them are Superlite Cricket Leg guards, Ultralite Cricket Leg guards and Wicket Keeping Leg guards. Feather weight with optimum comfort and protection are the best features of Superlite guards and they are made with selected materials such that they provide durability and comfort. For all types of leagues, this is the best choice preferred. The key features of this guard are optimum comfort, feather weight, Velcro fastening and durable non absorbent instep. The most favorite guard for leg is Ultralite because of its light weight and durability. While playing, these guards are durable and provide maximum protection and agility for players and they consider this guard as great protection for legs.

This guard has three foam filled bolsters in reverse with Velcro fastening and side wings and also it is made of light weight, strong and durable PU. For wicket keepers, wicket keeping guards are available and they are light weight and easy to clean. It suits all types of play such as professional, league and club play. Its featherlike construction and easy clean feature makes this as favorite for any cricket player and generally preferred by wicket keepers. It has flat foam design for superior protection and has easy wipe clean fronts and also has 2” straps that reduce lower leg muscle strain. So these guards act as complete lifeguards for any cricketer.

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