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Lexington Law
Over 2 Million Removals
Direct Relationships With Two Out Of The Three Credit Bureaus
They Employ The Most Lawyers/Paralegals In The Credit Repair Industry
20+ Years Of Experience
Average 8.7 Removals By The 3rd Month, 28.6 By The End Of Year One
Starting From $59.95 Per Month With A $99.95 Set Up Fee
Call For A Free Consultation On (800)-306-8045
Lexington Law Reviews
Lexington Law is probably the most well known fast credit repair firm in the United States, it’s been around since 1991 and was the first to market it’s services online back in 1995. That’s over 21 years experience in getting bad items removed from Reliable credit reports. They are also the only company that has direct working relationships with two out of the three major credit bureaus. This means they’re able to skip the red tap and get your items removed faster than the competition.
Speed Of Service
Unlike some other companies, Lexington does it’s best to get your items removed quickly. Because they publish their data, we’re able to tell you that on average after three months 8.7 items are removed, after one year this jumps to a 28.6 removals. As you can see they are quick out of the gate, but they’re also able to maintain that speed until you get the results you’re looking for.
Customer Service
Like any major company there are plenty of people complaining about Lexington Law in various forums, you can’t make everybody happy all of the time. That said you can tell they care about their customers, they currently have zero unresolved issues with the BBB and an A- rating.
Experience: Lexington Law is the #1 when it comes to experience, not in just the amount of time they have been around (20+ years) but also in the amount of people they’ve helped (500,000+).
Results: They are so confident they are the best in the industry that they publish all of their removal data (without identifying information of course). People who stay signed up for a year see an average of over 28 negative items removed.
How Much Does It Cost?
Lexington Law has three levels of plans, all come with a $99.95 set up fee:
Lexington Regular $59.95 per month
Lexington Concord Standard $79.95 per month
Lexington Concord Premier $99.95 per month
The major differences are that the two concord plans both come with goodwill interventions (attempts to leverage your fiscal relationships to make mild late payments more favorably viewed), debt validation (uses your FCP rights to demand complete accounting or removal for specific charged off accounts) & escalated info requests (asks for documentation about seriously late accounts or their removal).
The concord premier plan also comes with some creditwise monitoring products based off TransUnion data. Picking the right plan is really a case by case, thankfully they offer free phone consultation and don’t automatically recommend the most expensive plan.
Our Recommendation
When you think Best credit repair Services, you think Lexington Law and that’s for good reason. They are the biggest company in the industry and for good reason. Their amazing results truly do speak for themselves (an average of 28.6 removals at the end of year one – the best published figures in the world). You’d think they would be extremely expensive, but you’d be wrong. At only $59.95 per month they are actually one of the cheaper companies in the market. We can’t recommend these guys enough! Call on (800)-306-8045 to get your free consultation today from a name you can trust.
Sky Blue Credit
Easy sign up process, get started within two minutes
No confusing upgrades, only one plan is offered
A+ BBB rating
50% discount for spouses
100% money back gaurantee
$49 per month, with a $49 set up fee
Sky Blue Review
Sky blue is one of the best credit repair specialist , it has over 22 years experience helping people rebuild their highest credit score. They try to compete against the larger companies like lexington law by having the easiest to use product on the market, they also pride themselves on their excellent customer service and this is reflected by their A+ rating by the BBB. That’s not to take away from their talents in getting bad items removed from credit reports – there is a reason all of their customers are happy!
Customer Focused: Sky Blue is focused on making their product and service as easy to understand as possible they don’t use confusing financial jargon and you can sign up within minutes. Their service is so easy to use, even your Nanna could understand it!
Discount For Spouses: Sky Blue offers a 50% discount for your spouse if they sign up at the same time as you. They are also the only credit repair company that extends this discount to same sex relationships.
Easy To Sign Up, Easy To Cancel, Money Back Guarantee: Signing up for sky blue is an easy two step process that takes minutes, it’s the same when you want to cancel and best of all if you’re not happy then you get your money back. Guaranteed.
How Much Does It Cost?
Unlike other competitors, sky blue only has one plan:
$49 Set Up Fee
$49 Per Month
There are two things you need to remember though, you only start paying the $49 per month fee one month after the initial set up fee. So it’s really $49 per month without a set up fee. Sky blue credit also offers a spouses discount, giving your spouse 50% off. This makes it $73.5 per month per couple.
Our Recommendation
If you don’t know where to start, Sky Blue is excellent. There are no tough choices, you sign up and you’re on your way to improving your credit score in a matter of minutes. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk, so why not try them today?
Ovation Credit
Founded By Attorneys
19 Improvements Per Client On Average
Get Started Straight Away, Pay Later
Money Back Guarantee
Registered With The Attorney General
Online Dispute Manager
Ovation Credit Reviews
Ovation credit are fairly new to the care credit repair industry, starting eight years ago in 2004. They’ve been able to help thousands of consumers by offering a money back guarantee and with a unique ‘get started straight away, pay later’ policy. They also get results with an average of 19 improvements per client.
Customer Service
Despite being relatively new in the best credit repair services, ovation has an excellent track record with their customer service. The BBB has given them their highest rating: A+. It’s something they pride themselves on, making it as easy as possible for new clients to join (and also making it extremely easy to cancel if you’re not satisfied, which is extremely rare considering the impressive improvement average).
Founded By Attorneys: Ovation credit was founded by attorneys in 2004 who continually ran across people with inaccurate and misleading credit reports. This shows in their professional approach and also in the fact that they are registered with the Department Of Justice.
Customer Focused: Ovation is committed to putting the customer first, they do this by: offering a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee, assigning each customer with their own dedicated case adviser and by having an online dispute manager that lets their customers track all of their disputes 24/7, 365 days a year.
Impressive Results: Ovation is one of the few companies that publicly displays their results and it’s easy to see why with an amazing average of 19 improvements per customer.
How Much Does It Cost?
Ovation has two plans, essentials and essentials plus – both come with a $79 set up fee.
Essentials: $39 per month
Essentials Plus: $59 per month
They are the same plan with unlimited disputes to all three credit bureaus , a case adviser access to the online dispute manager and the ability to cancel anytime. The plus plan comes with a few additional features, the main selling point is they will give you a letter of recommendation for future credit approves from one of their staff attorneys.
Couples: If a couple applies at the same time they will receive a 20% discount.
Our Recommendation
Ovation is priced at the lower end of the market, that coupled with the fact they offer a money back guarantee means they are perfect if you have a low budget or you’re just getting started on your journey to good great score. They are also an extremely modern company, with their online dispute manager. Last but not least, having your own case adviser means you’re treated like a person rather than another number in the cog.
Track Your Progress 24/7 With Their iPhone Or Android App
100,000′s Of Customers Helped
No Upfront Fee
Registered With The Department Of Justice
$89.95 Per Month, $12.99 To Pull Your Credit Report Reviews distinguishes itself from the pack by bringing fast credit repair to the TwentyTen’s by offering both android and iPhone applications that let it’s user view their current TransUnion Risk score (note: this is not your FICO score that most lenders look at – but it is a good indication of your current ‘credit health’). This application also lets users see how far along the credit repair process with a simple percentage care score.
Customer Service
They’ve been in business since 1997 and have helped 100,000′s of customers improve their credit score, so it’s understandable that a few people have complaints about their business. Unfortunately for them this is reflected in their B- score from the BBB, on the bright side they currently have zero unresolved issues (meaning the people who have complained have had their issues fixed).
Android & Apple Apps: They are the only credit repair companies near me that has an application for both Android & Apple smart phones that let’s your track the progress of your credit restoration.
No Set Up Fee: Unlike all of the other companies, with there is absolutely NO set up fee as long as you provide your own credit reports.
Registered With The Department Of Justice: They’ve gone the extra step to register with the department of justice to ensure peace of mind for the end user.
How Much Does It Cost? is one of the pricer services coming in at $89.95 per month, there is no start up fee but they do charge users $12.95 to pull their reliable credit reports you’ll need to pull one from each of the three bureaus as they can contain different information (read our guide on how to get your credit reports for free).
Our Recommendation is a company that’s been in business for awhile, with a name you can trust. They are at the forefront of new technology which makes it easy to see the progress they are making on improving your credit score. They are slightly more expensive than some of the other companies, but as the age old saying goes “you get what you pay for”.
Best Legal Credit Repair
Money Back Guarantee
Individualized Service
Easy Sign Up
$69 Per Month, $99 Set Up Fee
Best Legal Credit Repair Reviews
These guys are one of the newest in the industry, with a little over 2 years of history. Fortunately the lawyers that they do employ have over 15 years of experience and real attorneys work on each and everyone of their customers credit reports to help them get negative items removed.

Customer Service
Best Legal Credit Repair is relatively new so there isn’t a lot of feedback currently on the market, they are rated a B- by the BBB, but all of the issues they had were when they were first starting out and have since been resolved. Their money back guarantee and simple sign up process makes it easy for customers to sign up.

Attorney Backed: credit repair near me has attorneys that look at every new customers credit reports to formulate a plan of action. This is why they have so much success, especially when it comes to harder to remove items such as bankruptcies.
Personalized Service: Because of their new status in this industry, credit associates has tried to make a name for themselves by offering a one on one approach. This means no more being treated like a number, you can speak to a representative whenever you want and you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to removing negative items from your report.
Money Back Guarantee: Whenever a company offers a money back guarantee you know they mean business and this is precisely what is so good about consolidated credit solutions.
Information On How To Manage Your Credit wise: One of the great things BLCR does is offer you an enormous amount of information on managing your credit, this’ll info will help you make sure you don’t rack up any more negative items whilst they work on removing the ones already on your report.
How Much Does It Cost?
They only have one plan which costs $69 per month without a set up fee – this includes everything: 24/7 access to your report, one on one consulting and special attention on removing hard to remove items such as bankruptcies for your credit report.

Our RecommendationBest Legal Credit Repair is a new company that shows a lot of promise. It’s one of the more expensive repair companies, but the fact that they’ve had a lot of success having hard to remove items (bankruptcies) shows that they can be worth the price tag. If you don’t have any hard to remove items then we suggest going for somebody slightly cheaper like Lexington Law. If you do have these hard to remove items on your credit report, then signing up with BLCR is the best decision you can make!

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