Struggling with debt? Looking for credit card debt solutions? If there was a positive outcome deriving from the massive amount of debt people have been accruing over recent years, it would be that new light has been shined on traditional debt solutions. No, it is never easy to get out of debt. No one would ever suggest that it is. However, there are steps that can make getting out of debt a lot easier than it would otherwise be. Additionally, many that have traveled the road of getting out of debt, have sage words of advice for those currently struggling with their situation. For those in need of serious credit card debt solutions, here is a look at some of the more common and successful methods.

First and foremost, you will need to stop charging things on your credit card. This may seem easier said than done but it must be done. You cannot knock down your debt if you are adding to it. That is a bit of common fiscal sense that needs to be accepted.

Probably the most common first step people make to attain debt relief would be debt consolidation. This would be the process of moving several credit card balances to a lower interest rate personal loan, or even a new credit card. Once the debt has been consolidated, the old cards should no longer be used. Now, you can concentrate on paying off the single new loan in the easiest manner possible.

Credit counseling may be another good option for those seeking a little focus in their credit card debt solutions. Often, the means to get out of debt are right in front of you. You just need to work with a reliable credit counselor to determine what is the right course of action to follow. Credit counseling services do not typically offer loans. Rather, they act as a third party go-between that will negotiate better loan and repayment terms on your behalf. You could issue payment to the debt management service, which would then issue payment to your debtors. Or you could just pay your creditors yourself, based on the debt management plan laid out for you. The goal here is to pay off your obligations in an organized manner, as quickly as you can.

Among the most misunderstood credit card debt solutions would be a settlement. Far too many radio advertisements make this process sound a lot easier and less complex than it is. This is not to say debt settlement is a bad idea... under certain circumstances. Generally, debt settlement is performed to avoid filing for bankruptcy. Basically, debt settlement entails making a lump sump (or expedited installment payment) on a portion of the debt you owe, with the intention of closing out the account. This process is not the best thing that can happen to your credit score, but it will be less damaging than filing for bankruptcy.

Take solace in this fact: there are credit card debt solutions available. You simply need to do what you can to put these solutions to work for you.

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The author of this article, Shan, was once deep in debt to the amount of thousands of dollars, but is now enjoying a debt-free life by following a few basic, debt relief and money management principles.