Getting a good settlement for your credit card debt can mean the difference of 1000s of dollars. If you can receive even 10% less on the settlement you'll save a bunch of money (although the average settlement is roughly 50%). Credit card debt settlement involves contacting your creditors or collection agency after your account has defaulted or perhaps is about to.

After the settlement price has been agreed between you and the debt collector, you will usually have to make a one-time payment right away or generate a few large payments.

Once you don't pay your credit cards, the effect will result in your credit rating suffering, and debt collector’s start making aggressive and sometimes harassing phone calls to your home and possibly at work. This only increases your stress. However, debtors have rights. You can write a “Cease and Dissist” letter mandating that the debt collectors stop harassing you.

In that situation, you may consult with professional debt negotiating agencies that will save you from harassment. Agencies that can help consumers are called credit card debt negotiation or settlement companies. These companies work together with the bill collectors, and negotiates to dramatically reduce the balance of your outstanding debt.

For example, if you owe $12k in financial debt, the debt negotiation firm can call your creditors and negotiate a debt settlement of approximately $8k. This will save you $4k.Then, your debt arbitration company would plan a reasonable repayment schedule if you don’t have the capacity to pay the settlement in full. After the debt is eliminated, there's no need to worry about outstanding debt.

While this looks like a huge relief for quite a few, there are concerned individuals. Many people are worried that credit card debt relief may negatively impact their credit ranking. This is understandable. They fear that their FICO score will drop if they are enrolled in a debt negotiation program.

In reality, your credit score will decrease while there are late payments and outstanding debt that has gone into collections. However, do not forget that any drop within the credit score is temporary. Once you eliminate all of your “bad debt” and settle your accounts with your creditors, your credit score will improve.

So, if you are overwhelmed with debt, and you feel that you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, credit card debt negotiation can be your best option-especially when you are making minimum payments.

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