There are many kinds of toys that we can choose for our toddlers. In this process of choosing, parents have more decisive power and especially mothers can inculcate energy into the hearts of their children for specific objects. All kinds of toys are beneficial to children to some extent but some of them are good for their creative ability exclusively.

Toddlers by nature draw their attention towards creative activities if we, as parents guide them and support their creativity by providing them with the best creative toys (activities). It is already proved through many researches that creative activities act like boosters to brain connections and the toddlers, who have been exposed to creative activities in childhood, perform better in their schools and are more successful in their adulthood than their counterparts.

Keeping aside the financial situation of the parents, here I would recommend some of the tips to make your toddler busy with more creative, interactive and influential toys that will help them to become intelligent, analytic, and innovative in the future. Research has proved that creativity and interaction go side by side and sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. So if you are interacting with your toddlers during their playtime, you are providing them a strong base for their creativity, originality and vigilance. On the parallel side, you may buy some inexpensive creative toys from the market that are easily available in almost everywhere in the world. Such as:

1. Memory Cards.
These cards are specially designed for toddlers, aged 0-3 with different logos to match colors, sizes, figures, numbers, alphabets, contrast items, categories, shapes and textures. Toddlers would love to play with such card games and interact with you at the same time. This whole process will improve their brain capacity to think, decide and act.

2. Building Blocks.
Then comes the blocks (made of plastic or wood) and related all items that are designed to create something such as home, car, garage, workshop, farm house and the market. Toddlers would love to play with them. These activities will also promote their ability to imagine, create and analyze at a basic level.

3. Color Markers, Crayons, and Paints.
For the older toddlers, painting and drawing are the best tools if supervised by an adult. They like to color different things of different shapes and pictures while trying to hold a pencil carefully. They can also try to paint on any object, shirt or crockery. This activity will improve their creativity a lot and would cost a little to you.

4. Dolls, Bears and Stuff Toys.
Toddlers would love to dress up their toys while changing hats, trousers, socks, shirts, glasses, and other stuff. This activity is equally important for boys as some of them would love to take care of dolls and bears. They may enjoy play-home games as they need to learn how to manage dressing-up and other affairs of home in near future.

5. Scrabble Blocks
There are many types of scrabble blocks available in the market for toddlers. They may find them a thrilling experience to explore different shapes and to learn about numbers or letters. I would recommend big cubes of letters or numbers or shapes on big wooden blocks to assemble, scrabble and sort out.

6. Computer Games
There are many games online that toddlers can play and learn at the same time. These online games are a good source of brain stimulation and creativity. Nevertheless, you may give your toddler a chance to play with keyboard letters and numbers under your supervision. It will boost their confidence in the use of technology and they will later on try to make pictures on the painting screen of computers. This will help them to become more creative in life.

7. Magnetic Stickers, Letters, Numbers and Shapes.
You can find many magnetic books for toddlers in which magnetic helping stuff is provided to stick on to the relevant objects. There are many kinds of such books like the animal world, play-home, body-parts, and personality essentials. They can create, learn and have fun through such activities. Even if the stuff is not magnetic, it allows toddlers to create and play.

8. Out door Or Big Toys (Garage, Dolls House, Kitchen, Farm House, Work Shop, Camp, or Building).
Most toddlers would love to play with the stuff that provides them with plenty of opportunity to explore, create and understand the real life situations. Such items are usually expensive so can be avoided if someone is not in that position. Alternatively, one can easily make the simulated toys at home and have fun.

9. Clay, Sand and Dough.
Toddlers love to play with flour, clay, sand or dough. They sometimes need to create mess to have fun and to explore new dimensions of the objects to satisfy their curiosity and creativity. Such stuff would not only increase their interaction with the outer world but also give them strength to believe in themselves.

10. Food.
At home most of you would love to make baking shapes with the help of cookie cutters and these cutters can also be used to have fun with toddlers. Most toddlers would love to create different shapes of food (including bread, fruits, eggs, vegetables) with the help of such cutters. This activity will increase their appetite and interest in food too.

There is no limit to creative activities for toddlers and the list is never ending. The only important thing, in this regard, is to create an environment where you with your toddler could interact and play together otherwise the toddler's creativity might be replaced with emotional tantrums, dissatisfaction, frustration, boredom, restlessness and rudeness.

Author's Bio: 

Mona Aeysha, PhD, is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, have been working as a Teacher, Counselor and Researcher in several institutes of China, Pakistan and Cambodia. Her major areas of interest are: self –esteem, self-concept, conceptual psychology, belief psychology, self psychology, preferential psychology, cultural psychology and women psychology.
You are always welcome to contact her via email if you have any query in this regard.
Dr Mona