Have you ever wanted a really easy way to breakthrough any problems you face? I mean virtually any problem - financial, personal, relationships. Then read on and I'll show you a simple creative thinking tool that will enlist the help of your super smart subconscious mind in solving any problem you ask it.

One of the easiest and most entertaining creative thinking tools I've found is a a twist on the old Osborne-Parnes Walk in the Woods drill.

The idea is based on the observation that your subconscious mind has vastly more thinking capacity than you do consciously, you just need to use some little gambit to pass information and instructions to and from these two parts of your mind.

Everyone is familiar with the idea that sleeping on a problem can help fresh ideas and insights bob to the surface but who wants to wait that long? One neat way to communicate with your much larger subconscious mind is to feed it a question, then go for a wander around for 10 minutes and let your subconscious mind FIND you a solution in your environment.

After a short while you'll notice something that your subconscious mind thinks is similar in some way to the problem and observing why it's similar reveals a fresh idea for a solution.

The drill is very simple and rather fun to do.

Step One) Write down a clear question you want to find an answer to. For example, 'I want a solution to XYZ problem'.

Step Two) Simply go for a relaxed walk around for ten minutes and see what catches your attention as you're wandering around.

Step Three) When you find something that strikes you as unusually interesting, take a moment and examine it. What does it look like? Is it moving? What shape or structure does it have? Take note of at least ten details.

Let me give you a practical example.

I had a problem on a website coding a simple to use upsell sequence. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it and all the solutions I could think of were quite involved or expensive.

So I wrote down my question - "I want an easy to implement solution to this website coding problem!'.

I then went for lunch and had an enjoyable stroll on the way. After a few minutes of relaxed ambling, I noticed this funny looking sign on a building.

It was shaped like three boxes stacked on top of each other, with a line running through them, that connected the boxes, which were independent of each other.

Aha... I suddenly thought, I've been trying to fuse all the boxes together (the elements of my website) when what I really need is simply a clear route through the three separate elements. I set the site up in this way in about 10 minutes and it's been working fine for over a year, very inexpensively.

The applications are endless - try it today to help solve business problems, gain creative insights and answer personal questions.

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