While planning for a vacation, a person tries to list everything one can do to extract the best out of a trip. Holidays are supposed to be a mix of fun and relaxing period. And to have the best experience, it is essential to have a research about and pre-plan to visit the places as per the visitors’ preference, whether calm or chaotic, beaches or hills, during winters or summers. The first and foremost step is deciding which place to visit and then exploring what all the destination offers. But what if there’s a place that has a lot more in store for you than you have heard of. A place that provides you with an opportunity to experience every sort of landscape. Well, Goa is one such place that offers much more than people generally know.

Situated in the western coastal regions of the country, Goa is a serene location preferred by tourists round-the-year. The city has a number of attractions that serve various wishes of the visitors. Goa has a mesmerising ambience making it the best choice for tourists of all parts of the country. Most people choose the destination for its beaches and crazy nightlife with a cuisine one of its kind, but Goa has some extremely unexpected hidden treasures that’ll blow the mind once explored.

If visiting Goa, there are a few things that you can choose to do to experience the best of the city Like

Sunset Cruise- Other than ending the day at a club, you can choose a cruise. There are services like get-togethers and dinners available on the cruise, both public and private, that you can choose for your special moments and make them dreamy.

Historical sites-

Goa has its own set of areas like Basilica of Bom Jesus (church), Cabo De Rama (fort), Sinquerim (fort), etc., based in different regions of the state. All of them have been preserved for quite some years now and are a sight not to be missed.

Ocean Trek-

You must have climbed hills with friends or at least planned to do so, but what about having your own quality time trekking? Yes, there are some secluded beaches in Goa where you can just walk and have your own ‘me-time’. Some time with your soul, finding peace within.


There are various waterfalls like Dudhsagar Falls (one of the tallest waterfalls in the country), Tambdi Surla Falls (encircled by forests, a beautiful spot for visitors), and Netravali Waterfalls (loved by the photographers for its scenic views).

Luxury villas-

If you’re looking for a place where you are provided all the facilities like furnished rooms, private space (pool & bar, modular kitchen), theatre, event space, The WOL House is a luxury villa that provides you with all of these at one place.


Apart from the regular malls, shopping centres and artefact stores, you must visit the weekly market for cheap yet world-class stuff. The markets are full of local vendors that sell the products at comparatively lower rates.

Vacation homes are an excellent option to choose if you’re visiting another city for a holiday as it prevents the stress of arranging every requirement separately. You get it all at a single booking, taking utmost care of your privacy and comfort. The villa helps you with proper assistance, 24*7 security and vintage facilities available on customers’ demands. The villa is designed in a European style with a special touch of local culture. If you’re visiting Goa to have a full-fledged fun experience, choose to stay at The WOL House and let the organisers arrange for your services while you enjoy every moment of your holiday.

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