Close your eyes taking in a deep breath, breathing out all tensions and all negative and misqualified energies. Relax and let go of anything that is not of God.

Imagine yourself now walking towards a beautiful Temple of Peace in the inner realms. You see this beautiful temple situated in a wonderful garden filled with colorful flowers, trees and many exotic plants that have such Heavenly scents that waft through the air.

The garden is a peaceful and loving place with waterfalls and small ponds with tiny wooden bridges that span their width.

There are birds of every conceivable color and hue that sing in the warm and brilliant sunshine. As you come closer to the Temple of Peace, you see the beautiful Lady Master Kuan Yin waiting to greet you with a smile that lights up the entire surroundings.

She invites you inside to the coolness and tranquillity of the inner chambers. The high ceiling is made from pure gold as are the walls, and the floor is a pale pink marble which reflects the sparkling iridescent light that is coming from the inner chamber.

You are led to a small room with a sumptuous gold and red velvet chair which you sit down upon. You make yourself comfortable and so Kuan Yin begins to explain to you that here in this peaceful temple you will learn how to clear remnants of any disharmony caused by psychological fights and ego battles.

First of all, she explains that energy remnants are created by mis-thinking, mis-speaking, mis-acting or mis-feeling within self or in relationship to others. One of the tools for clearing remnants would be the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program which allows Spirit and the Masters to remove core fear from a person’s subconscious mind and Auric field.

As Kuan Yin explains about these tools, the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program is activated around your Auric field and you experience the Masters and Kuan Yin removing these remnants now.

While this is taking place, you relax into your chair and experience a clearing of past remnants from this life and all your past lives, after which a clearing of all of your 144 consciousness extensions of your Monad is done also. You feel as though a heavy energetic burden is taken off your shoulders as the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program does its job.

Kuan Yin now explains to you that after any fight there will still be energy left over around your Auric field, and if it is not cleared then you could fall back into that negative ego pattern again. There would also be a cloud of grey, mental, emotional, astral and etheric dross floating about in your energy fields.

The purpose of remnant clearing, Kuan Yin explains is to clear one’s energy field after a lesson has been learned on a mental and emotional level. This can be done by calling in any of the Masters to do so as long as the psychological lesson has been learned.

As Kuan Yin has been talking, you notice in the middle of the room a small burning pot, like a camp fire. This burning pot has been burning up all the etheric, astral and mental negative energy in the atmosphere inside this room.

Kuan Yin explains that it is something you too can use to help clear the old and stuck energies from your sacred space.

Feeling energized and lighter now, Kuan Yin takes you back to the Temple of Peace garden once again, to enjoy the tranquillity and serenity before coming back to your physical body and outer self.

When you are ready, breathe a little more deeply, seeing your feet having roots anchoring you back firmly into the Earth. Becoming aware of the sounds in the room, aware of your physical body and when you are ready you may open your eyes.

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