Concrete flooring is sturdy and sleek for an aesthetically pleasing appeal, hence is one of the best design trends of 2021.  It has highly durable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance material. You might be wondering if modern concrete to be dull grey, but now they come in a different number of tones, which can show light and even sparkle with subtle detailing. This is the reason why so many homes are now using it as the base for their flooring.
In this blog, we will discuss some of the advantages of having concrete flooring and the top interior design trends:

1. Easy care – Concrete Floors are easy to maintain floors. Try to install a baseboard along with the concrete floor as well, even though you are thinking you may not need it. Hence, it will make your choice look highly attractive, finished and, intentional.
2. Versatility – You can use silicone-based penetrating sealers to avoid a wet look in your interior. It is a very good material for indoor-outdoor transitions flooring.
3. Long-lasting – It is always said that, floors that can be polished and cleaned easily last long.

Thus, it is now known that modern concrete floors are very cost-effective, easy to maintain, durable, strikingly nuanced, and offer elegance. Let us now discuss some of the trending flooring ideas:
- Polished Concrete Floors –These floors offer custom designs and require low maintenance costs. It can be cleaned and polished easily to the perfect look of marble, tile, or even polished stone when stained.
Stained Concrete Floors –These floors can easily fit your budget, taste, and interior design. Even though grey floors used to be very popular earlier, don’t be afraid to go bolder with blue or any other multiple colors.
Painted Concrete Floors –These floors are designed to look like tiles, carpets, floorboards, rugs, or even granite which adds a great finish.
- Quartz Concrete Floors –This type of floor gives your interior a unique and modern look. It is highly easy to maintain, and is resistant to impact and abrasion, and maintains non-slippery properties.

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