Making people understand subjects not taught in school is difficult... and therefore so well worth it! How to create passive income is one such subject.

Research by various noted gurus establishes that all people can be categorized in four personality types.

1. The Sales personality, which is persuasive and motivating. They want to know ‘why’ something is good (benefit).

2. The Scholastic personality, which is focused on objectives and outcomes. They want to know ‘what result’ will be accomplished (purpose).

3. The Technical personality, which concerns itself with processes and operations. Their driver is ‘how’ anything works (process).

4. The Advocate personality, which is creative, opportunity driven and marketing oriented. Hey get turned on by ‘what if’ there is more to the idea (utility).

Now we usually don’t know who is what type till we have interacted with them. So how do we get our first message home and start off right?

I struggled with this problem even after having read "Personality Plus", "The Platinum Rule", "Myer-Briggs" and an assorted few… but finally here is a paradigm that comes to the rescue.

Evidently, people understand anything through a 4-step imbibing process. First, we have an experience. Then we reflect on the experience. Third we form some abstract concepts of the experience. And finally we test those concepts till we get them right.

Let’s take an example. You drive on a curve and almost skid into the side-rail. You have an experience. Next you observe, "whew, that was close… better reduce the speed". Third, you cut the speed down on the next curve. And finally you learn the right way to negotiate a curve.

That said, let’s see how this applies to getting your point across.

Let’s say I have a concrete point to make to any one reading this. The point is about creating passive income income. So I will address all four personality types in the same sequence as mentioned above. Here goes…

"Well hello, dear reader, how would you like to make some extra money alongside your job? For starters, passive income will safeguard your family from any further financial uncertainty the economy might bring. And then, when you plug in with a few like-minded people doing the same thing, you would be sure you’re getting accelerated learning from others mistakes. What’s more, having a passive income source - and some great friends to create it with - can be quite fun, right?"

So whatever your personality, now you’d probably want to visit the site that will tell you how to create passive income with friends. And I won’t get in your way :-) !

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The author, Sandeep Nath, is a success coach who teaches people how to create passive income online.

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