I absolutely believe in creating a roadmap for any kind of goal much so for a thriving business. Solopreneurs who know their skill and do not know much about running a business get stuck precisely because of the mile long list of Have to’s and Should do’s in starting or running a business.

A lot of people when they think of “running a business,” they think about the big companies with an accounting department, operations department, marketing department, sales department, research and development deparment, etc. and that overwhelms them. For solopreneurs, all those departments is usually one person. The question is which department to focus on? My answer is the marketing and sales department. What’s important for heart-centered entrepreneurs is to help people, live their soul purpose in every moment, make a difference, make money and contribute. When they take too long in the planning stage, they get side tracked in what they’re meant to do and lose their self-confidence. They need to be helping people and generating income NOW.

A one-page plan is enough to get rolling. You don’t need a complicated detailed plan to start helping people and making money. Just hearing the terms: executive summary, market analysis, financial analysis, financial projections, etc. can be overwhelming. You can create a simple working plan and a marketing coach will help you do that. You’ll clarify your vision and mission, define your target market, help you set yourself apart from the sea of other service providers, help you talk about what you do, help you enroll clients and overcome challenges to name a few. At the end of the day you end up with a business plan while implementing, helping clients and seeing what works or doesn’t work for you with a guidance of a mentor, instead of just reading, researching, doing computations about it. Learning all that stuff can take a lot of time too.

A lot of very successful entrepreneurs didn’t start with a complicated business plan. They have a simple plan, (some have told me from a piece of scratch paper) and just started getting clients and helping people. When their business expanded, they added people, grew their team and got funds to get help with developing more elaborate plans to take the business to the next level. To end it with another quote, “It’s so much better to make money than to plan on making money.”

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