Are you tired of the economy? Tired of struggling trying to make ends meet? Sick of seeing the rising prices and less money in your paycheck? With the government not doing anything about this, why depend on them to help us. We can't. We have to begin to help ourselves by creating our own economy.

Want to know how to create our own economy? We can create our own economy by helping each other out financially. Instead of having an uncooperative economy, we have to begin to make it a cooperative one. To make it a cooperative economy we need to move money amoungst ourselves. After all, all money does is move around. For example, you get paid from your job then you go and buy something with that hard earned money. You give it to the check out girl to pay for that item. Then that money goes to that store, and they pay their employees with it. Wouldn't it be a great idea if we began to help one another by having a small group of people give an affordable small amount of money away to one person and then a small group of people give an affordable small amount of money back to you as well. Hence, Give and receive.

There is a Gifting Community that is doing just that. It is called 2010 Blessings. 2010 Blessings is a group of individuals cooperating together in a community spirit in which they give financial help and receive financial help from other like-minded individuals. They get members to work together to achieve the goal of helping people make it through these tough economic times that we're all facing. It has helped a lot of people out financially across the United States.

I personally know a couple of people that are a member of this community and they have given money to one person and they have received the same amount of money they have given, back from 6 different people. So, they received 6 times the amount back. That is a 600% financial blessing returned just for giving! They do have to give 200% of this away to another person, but they get to keep 400% of that money. From the 200% they give away, they will receive 6 times that back!

I have also joined this community and have given money to one person. I am currently waiting to get 6 people to send the same amount of money back to me. This doesn't happen right away since 6 people have to be assigned to give to me. I know this takes time and I have to be patient.

If you are a caring and generous individual and would like to be a part of this community where you give as well as receive financial blessings, please click here and watch the short video and join today. There is no fee to join so you can research the website and read your email to learn more about 2010 blessings to see if it is for you before sending in the $10 activation fee. If this is for you and you join, you will be glad you did.

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