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Destiny Is Not A Matter Of Chance: It Is A Matter Of Choice. It Is Not Something To Be Waited For; But Rather Something To Be Achieved…. William Jennings Bryan

Excerpt Article From: Succes Academy "Successercising - Successful Living Course Series" - Course #9 -

Here Is Something That Is Very Important And Very Relevant To Everyone Studying This Course.

Now Is The Time To Take Complete Charge Of Your Life – If You Don’t – Someone Else Will!

Here Are Some Reasons Why - This Is The Best Time Ever To Become An Entrepreneur

What Do We All Want From Life? I Believe That One Of The Most Important Things Most Of Us Want In Life Is:

To Achieve - And Maintain - Greater Financial Security, Freedom, Happiness And Peace Of Mind -- In Less Time -- With Less Effort

What Is Life? Life Is Now - Success Is Turning Your Now Into “Total Fulfillment”

The More Whys You Have - For The Achievement Of Your Goals - The More Guarantees You’ll Have Of Succeeding And Maintaining Them – You Have To Keep Building Your List Of Whys -- Why You Want Something Urgently - And Why You Must Achieve A Particular Goal – Within A Particular Time.

Here Are A Few Why’s To Add To Your Why List To Get You Started:

Why #1 – You Can’t Rely On Your Government To Build Your Economy And Your Future – They Don’t Build Anything – Entrepreneurs Build All Of The Businesses And Create All The Jobs. We Pay The People Who Work For The Government To Manage Our Country While We Are Busy Making The Country Wealthy And Successful -- And We Pay The President To Keep All Of Our Employees In The Government Doing Their Jobs To The Best Of Their Ability And To Lead Them -- They Are All Our Employees – Even The President -- They Are Supposed To Be Working For US – Not For Their Own Interest - Or For Their Friends – Or For Their Party - Or To Get Rich At Our Expense – And To Be Truthful And Act With Integrity At All Times.

Why #2 – You Need To Build Your Economy So That You Earn Enough To Create Jobs For Your Family Members In Case They Will Need Some Help With Their Lives Later On In Life - 95% Of The People In This Country End Up Broke In Their 60’s

Why #3 – There Is Always A Great Abundance Of Money Out There -- For Anyone Who Wants A Lot More Of It.

Look How Much Movie Stars, Rock Stars, And Sport Stars Earn Per Year – Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars – Most Top Stars In Hollywood Get Paid Over $20,000,000 Per Picture Plus Percentages.

Look At Our Senators And Congressman – Most Of Them Are Rich And Worth Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars.
Look At All The Dictators, Rulers, Kings And Princes Who Gobble Up All The Money In Their Countries As If It Were Only Made For Them And None Of Their Fellow Countrymen.

If You Want More Money – The Money Is Always Going To Be There - Somewhere. And What’s Going To Help You Get Your Share Will Be Your Brain.

Scientist Claim That We Are Only Using 10% Of Our Brain.

Some Very Wise Financial Expert Once Said That If He Were To Equate The Average Human Brain Into Dollars --- It Would Be Worth – Over Nine Quadrillion Dollars -- That’s A - 9 With 18 Zero’s Behind It. $9,000,000,000,000,000,000.00

A Top Computer Scientist Once Said That He Could Fill The Twin Tower Buildings In New York City --- From Top To Bottom – And From Wall To Wall --- With Various Computers – And Still Never Be Able To Duplicate What Your Mind Can Do.

The #4th Why Reason – To Become An Entrepreneur And Make Plenty Of Money Is:

There Are A Lot Of People Out There - Who Are Going To Try And Take Away As Much Of Your Money As They Can - Every Day. Robbers – Burglars - Drug Dealers - Organized Crime - Dishonest People - Corrupt People - Identity Thefts - Greedy People – Crooked Business People - Crooked Politicians And Government Leaders Who Should Be In Prison Instead Of Handling All Of Our Money And Spending All Of Their Time Telling Us How To Run Our Lives.

Reason #5 Why – To Make A Lot Of Money

Look How The Cost Of Living And Taxes Keep Getting Higher And Higher. When I Was Young I Used To Pay 25 Cents To Go See A Movie, And In Those Days We Got 2 Movies, A Comedy, And What They Called A Short, All For 25 Cents – Now; My Great Grandson Is Paying Over $10.00 For 1 Movie.

When I Was Young - My Family Rented A Four-Bedroom House With A Large Garage And A Large Back Yard To Play In For Only $37 Dollars Per Month - Gas Was Only 5 Cents A Gallon, And Haircuts Where 50 Cents.

Prices Are Always Going To Be Going Up. And So Are Our Taxes. In The Last 80 Years Nothing Ever Went Down – Just Up. The Only Way You Can Survive – Or Get Ahead Of The Game Of Life - Is To Keep Creating More Income

And That’s What My “Entrepreneurship Success Course” Is All About.

And Also, That’s What My Master Mind Alliance Success Clubs International Groups Are All About. Helping You Make A Lot More Money And Security While Building Your Own Economy.

Reason #6 Why – To Keep Developing Your Own Economy And Security.

The Media Will Always Be Bombarding Us 24 Hours Every Day, Seven Days A Week – 365 Days A Year – Year In And Year Out - With Negative News And Gloom.

Constant Repetitive Talk About --- Lack, - Wars, - Murders, - Rapes, - Corruption, - Evil, - Recession, Loss Of Jobs, - Dictators, Kidnappings, - Drug Trafficking, -- And Corruption In Our Government And Corporations.

This Becomes Very Demoralizing And Unproductive To Let Them Bombard You Every Minute Of Your Waking Life.

There Was A Study Done Many Years Ago, To Determine How Many Thought A Person Thinks Every Day
In The Study - Researchers Revealed That The Average Person Thinks Approx. 10,000 Thoughts Per Day - And That 90% Of Those Thoughts Are Negative. That Means That The Average Person Is Thinking 9,000 Negative Thoughts Per Day And Only 1,000 Positive Thoughts Per Day -- So What Are Your Results In Life Going To Be?

It Means That You’re Gonna Fail 90% Of The Time -- And Succeed Only 10% Of The Time

There Are Over 6,000,000,000 People In The World --- And Each One Of Them Is Thinking 9,000 Negative Thoughts Each – Per Day! ----- That Comes To 54 Trillion Negative Thoughts That Are Thought Every Day.

And Where Do These Thought Go? These Thoughts Go Out Into The Vast Infinite Either That Surrounds Us In Our Universe. No One That Ever Died In The History Of Mankind Ever Took All Of Their Thoughts With Them To The Grave When They Left This World. Their Thoughts Went Out Into The Either And Joined Up With All Of The Other’s Thoughts In The Vast Either All Around Us. If You Don’t Keep Your Mind Filled To The Brim Every Day With Positive Thoughts ----- Then All Of Those Negative Thoughts In The Either Are Gonna End Up Seeping Into Your Minds Like A Deadly, Poisonous Plague. To Survive, You Have To Stay Away From The Negative Thinkers And Joy Killers. Their Influence Is Deadly.

Reason Why #7 – What Is Life? Life Is Now! Yesterday Is Gone And Tomorrow May Never Come - You May Not Be Alive Tomorrow - No One Has A Guarantee In Their Pocket That Says They Will Still Be Alive Tomorrow.

Life Is Now! And Success - Is – Turning Your Now Into “Total Fulfillment”

Having Fun Now -- Having Enough Money To Get Things You Want Now --- Having Time To Enjoy Your Family And Friends Now --- Having Time For Your Hobbies And Recreation Now --- Having Everything You Need Now To Live A Happy, Peaceful, Satisfying And A More Meaningful Life - Now.

Delay - Is The Worst Form Of Denial - Don’t Put Off Enjoying Your Life Today – Until Tomorrow. Enjoy Your Life Today!

Reason Why #8

The Department Of Labor Predicts That -- The #1 Employer In The Future Will Be “Self.” (Self-Employed)

A Recent Internet Poll Of 25-44 Year Olds -- Revealed That 90% Of Them Hoped To Own Their Own Business Someday.

Ask The Average Person And He Or She Will Tell You -“Someday I’m Gonna Have My Own Business And Then – Nobody’s Gonna Tell Me What To Do Anymore.”

A Survey Conducted By Ernst & Young -- Found That 75% Of Influential Americans - Believe That Entrepreneurship -- Will Be The Defining Trend Of The Future.

Some Of The Factors That Have Attributed To The Rise Of The Modern Day Entrepreneurial Spirit Are:

Factor 1 - Access To Technology -- Now We Can Take It With Us Everywhere We Go - Our Cell Phones Have Become Miniature Computers With Instant Access To The World-Wide-Web Were We Can Visit Any Where In The World For Any Knowledge We Want Or Need – While We Are Sitting In A Coffee Shop Or Going For A Walk

Factor 2 – Large Group Communications -- We Don’t Have To Learn The Way We Used To Do - In The Past – By The Trial And Error Method Anymore! We Have A Global Economy Of Billions Of People Who Are Available 24/7

What Are Some More Reasons Why? – You Can Add To This List?

The End
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