At the recent event, “A Woman’s Day of Inspiration and Joy”, my topic was “Creating Your Best Life”, and in preparation for that day, I spent time thinking about how that might happen. Then I realized there were only two simple steps to acquiring the life of your wildest dreams…a life filled with joy, passion, excitement and success.

You have to:
1. Want it for yourself
2. Believe you are worthy of it

Very Simple. Then why can’t we do it? What stops us?
What do we need to do to succeed at these two steps?

For starters…begin setting goals for yourself. Talk about them, dream about them. See yourself here. Be ready to be happy. Choose to see the positive over the negative. Seek to live in abundance not lack. Want that beautiful life for yourself. Play by your rules for happiness; don’t get swamped with “you should do this or that”. Do what makes you happy and content. Say no to commitments that suck the life out of you. Slow down your busy life. You have everything you need, reach inside of yourself. Stop working so much. Start playing more. Call in sick and play. (yes drop your kids at daycare or get a sitter and go play… just you, no kids) Go to church when you feel the need, when your soul is in need of faith; not because “you should go”.

Want that exciting life for yourself, one where you feel good about yourself, like you are getting plenty of “you” time? Fight for that time. For most of us it will not be handed to us or even suggested. Give yourself permission to take that time for you. Create the life you want.

And remember, You are worthy. Embrace those thoughts in your body, mind, spirit; they are all connected on this journey. “I am worthy of receiving all the good life has to offer”.

It’s the mantra that should play over and over in your head. And if, by any chance you forget, surround yourself with true friends who will remind you. Delight in being YOU- unique, wonderful, magnificent YOU! If you do not believe you are worthy then who will? Create the life you want. Creating is an action word, the Art of doing, moving. It is not a sitting back, idle, waiting for something to happen word.

Move forward. Put your energy into living the life you have always imagined. Yes, it is possible, but it takes work. It takes motivation, a strong belief in yourself, determination and a fair share of dreaming. Don’t let years go watching those around you get what they want in life. Now is your time.

Now is your time to be better than you used to be.

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Now is your time to be better than you used to be.
Founder of The Joy Source, Julie McGrath encourages women to live a more joyful and purposeful life, discover and honor the truths within them and most importantly, live each day with a strong sense of purpose. More information on her annual events can be found at and her new exciting online magazine, The Joy Ride, can be found at