The world seems more tense for many of us. With all of the new changes politically, people are voicing their opinions more openly concerning their beliefs. Friends are unfollowing and unfriending others on social media. Folks are worried about their future. It may feel overwhelming at times. While it is important to stay informed on issues in the community and world at large, we still must maintain our wellness. We must find a way to create and maintain peace within, in an ever-changing world. It’s a long journey, so when we disagree, we don’t want to tell every person off that has a different opinion from us or burn every single bridge that we’ve made with them. With that said, here are a few tips to take on this long hike called life during this dynamic time:

Compass = Love
When we go hiking we need some sort of direction. Let love be your compass. No matter what you hear or see in the news don’t let that dictate how you are with others in your day. Don't let the world steal your Light! Your love within is the best gift you have to share with the world. So share it! Let your love and good tidings lead. 

Sunblock = Gratefulness
Sunblock protects us from the elements. The more we are consciously living in gratefulness, the less we complain. We are focused on all the good we have in our possession. We’re grateful for our lives, our health, our family, and our friends. When we’re in gratitude, we fear less. We have a sense that all will be well because things have a way of working out in the end. Not feeling grateful? This is a good time to start a gratitude journal. Feeling like you don’t have much, so it’s easier to complain? Mail a few thank you notes. I’m sure there’s someone out there that’s helped you along the way…

Shoes = Grounded
It’s not uncommon to feel as though there is a deluge of information to process these days. Understanding, like good hiking boots, keeps us grounded. We do not have to agree with one another but we can endeavor to understand each other. No, it’s not easy, but with a little patience… and a few deep breaths, we can do it. 

Nourishment = Kindness 
Nourishment gives us energy to keep going on the journey. Kindness is that nourishment we need to keep us on the right path with our friends, co-workers, and our beautiful community. Therefore, skip the name calling. If you want to reach across the table to share an opinion or make someone understand yours, name-calling will have the opposite effect. Whatever derogatory slang term you've heard to reference others that don’t agree with you, skip it. You are not adding a thing of goodness to this world, and it’s not showing the best of you. Even if others use unkind terms to speak about what you believe in or your particular group, refrain from joining in to get back at them. Your kindness is a better legacy to leave with us all.

Take care of yourselves and each other. 

Author's Bio: 

Daydree Horner is a Speaker, Good Love Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Life Coach at MyOshun. Her goal is to help clients create the ideal environment for personal transformation to occur, where they envision and can manifest the life they truly desire. Her business offers services that help mindfully assist the individual in accessing their own healing, success, transformation and ultimate joy. MyOshun offers Reiki, Couples Reiki, Certified Life Coaching, The Good Love™ Coaching, and à la carte Dating Services such as, Virtual Love Assistant and Goddess Party. Daydree's warm, enthusiastic and focused approach helps clients disarm fear, access their gold within and connect to inner joy. Daydree Horner practices at BodyMind Systems Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA.