When we look at our current world we see corruption, poverty, greed and separation. The only way to change all that is to create a new world with a system that supports all living beings equally.

We need a system that unites all people! That helps people understand that we are all one. We are in this world together and we can only change it for the better together.
When we look at what heals us and what makes us truly happy then deep down we all know that the answer to that question is love. Deep down we all know that love is the answer to our problems.

If we can accept that universal truth, come together undivided and live for love united then we can change the world together as one.

I have a vision for a new future. A future where all people can live in peace, prosperity, unity and freedom. I believe we can realize it and that's why I created The New World Movement.

The New World Movement is the not-for-profit organization of my company Strengthwithin.

With The New World Movement Foundation I want to create a new world where people can live in peace, prosperity, unity and freedom.

What you focus on expands.. Instead of focusing on our problems, we should focus on the solutions.

We need a system that offers peaceful solutions to our challenges.

I am for world peace and global unity but I think for humanity to come together as one and to achieve world peace, an Evolutionary Leap in Human Consciousness is required.

We can only change the world by coming together as one and working together as one.

Because everything is interconnected, the age-old approach of trying to change all the imbalances and crises our planet faces by addressing them one at a time hasn't been working and cannot work.

We must have a system that solves all our problems.

The new paradigm can only be created by a group of people who come from a loving place inside themselves, absolutely hold the consciousness of the Highest Good For All, and who have the vision to bring that into manifestation. People need to see that there is another way, that we don't have to continue doing the separation that has bred this everyone-for-themselves approach that has been in place for so long.

People just need to see that there's a different way.
When we show them that there is a different way, people will follow. We can only lead by example.

This is the way to ultimately transform our planet.

I hereby invite people to help me create a new world where people can live in peace, prosperity, unity and freedom. Anything can be done!
And one by one they will come to our side, to our family.
And all who have gathered, will be strong. And all who have gathered, will stand in unison.
We can build this dream together standing strong forever!

Author's Bio: 

Bram Joosten is the owner of Strengthwithin. He is also the founder of The New World Movement foundation. Websites:
http://www.strengthwithin.nl and http://www.tnwm.org