The word ‘Creating’ means to make something new that is unknown to everyone. The word Forums means that it is a place, situation or a group where people exchange their ideas and even discuss issues especially public issues. Thus combing the two words become Creating Forums. Creating Forums is a place in which topics can be stored. Any message chat or business work can be exchanged through this. May it be formal or informal message both can be processed by creating forums. Creating Forums is a very easy process. These can be done by individuals themselves. Individuals can create a creating forum themselves in computer.

Creating Forums have different shapes. Creating Forums has a tree like directory structure. Creating Forums can be divided into categories. These categories are again divided into sub categories. One of the categories is Sub forums. The lowest level of sub forums is topics. Creating Forums is created in a very easy way. In computer just follow the steps of Creating Forums one by one as it is instructed, in this way ‘Creating Forums’ is created. It is mainly used to discuss about issues that takes place which are especially public issues. Issues related to public get great importance in Creating Forums. It serves as a medium through which message can be exchanged. Along with Creating Forums there can also be created a sub forums. These sub forums are located in a parent forum in a hierarchy. Web forum is a class of web application in order to organize communication between website visitors. Creating Forums offers number of sections through which discussion can take place or message can be exchanged etc. A website can be created in which Creating Forums already exists and there a forum can be added to it. Free Forum Scripts can be downloaded, it can be installed in the computer and a new forum is created. Creating Forums can also be created manually. Conversation can be done in the form of posted message. Discussion forum is hierarchical in structure. Creating Forums is not a new thing. It was available in earlier times also. Early internet forum were described as a web version of a newsgroup or electronic mailing list. Creating Forums have been defined in a new and better way for the present generations. Creating Forums plays a very important role for exchanging messages, or for having a discussion on issues related to public interest.

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