I’m daunted by the amount of paperwork and filing that accumulated last year while I, as a fine art photographer, pursued Important Marketing Activities. In the meantime, the paperwork remains to be filed, I have several projects planned, and (OMG) even though it’s still early in the year, I’m overwhelmed with feelings that time is running out! In the midst of tax deadlines, I relentlessly admonish myself to finish that filing and organize my home office. Yet, there are so many “important” things on my agenda! I’m definitely feeling a bit frazzled, but I have only myself to blame. Why? Because I’ve wandered from an effective time management system designed to meet my specific needs. It serves me well when I stick to it.

So Much To Do! So Little Time!

Ineffective time management is a culprit that deters many entrepreneurial women with respect to financial success.

Factors associated with poor time management skills include:

- Stress
- Procrastination
- Inability to set realistic boundaries (we can do it ALL!)
- A lack of prioritization
- A non-existent time management system
- An ineffective or out-dated time management system

In reality, there is enough time. Time exists for us in the manner we choose to perceive and manage it. Doors of opportunity emerge once we’ve established time-flow (and space-flow) for ourselves. Uncluttered time nurtures creative, energetic thought processes. Energized thinking leads to dynamic, goal-oriented results!

Time Management: A Key To Financial Success

As an entrepreneurial woman, you know to be very clear and precise with respect to your financial vision. Once you’ve identified what you specifically want to accomplish, your next step is to confidently create and implement a time management system unique to your business lifestyle. Your goal in doing so is to thrive with optimal flow and efficiency! Nothing less.

Given your particular lifestyle, how can you arrange your time more effectively?

- Are certain days (or hours of the day) more conducive toward certain activities?
- What activities can be combined and streamlined?
- List what you can eliminate or delegate.
- If it no longer works, it’s gone.

I’m an early riser with a family of furry pets. I also care for a small colony of spayed and neutered feral cats. I block off my very early morning hours to care for and feed my pets, the ferals and myself, to pray and meditate while expressing joy for the upcoming day, and to tidy my house.

I’ve created a flexible block of time for my early morning activities. The remainder of my day is blocked off into additional flexible time slots relevant to my business lifestyle. I open each business day with a review of my Action Plan and my Activity List for that specific day / week / month, including anything pending which requires follow-up. I try to shut down my activities at a specific time because I’ve learned what happens when you run yourself ragged. I’m no stranger to burn out. Even one time around is one time too many.

Only You Can Do It!

Although effective time management is a key to financial success, you must commit to action or face disappointing results.

- Identify an accountability partner to regularly meet with in person, via phone, or e-mail.
- Choose a no-nonsense gal or guy who will hold you totally accountable.
- Make sure that this person enthusiastically supports your vision and passion, as well!
- Track you wins. Note what works. Adjust and customize your system as necessary.

Your time management system is your unique creation. It is designed specifically by you and for you as a compass in navigating your entrepreneurial journey toward financial success. As your unique system begins to unfold, watch your life unfold and flow as contacts and financial opportunities emerge.

As you expand within your system, keep an eye on your business profits and bottom line. Notice a difference? Are they expanding, as well? As you find “time” to realize your financial vision, you’ll also be celebrating a revitalized and more purpose-driven YOU! Perhaps, not so amazingly, you’ll have all the time in the world to accomplish every magnificent undertaking you choose!

Author's Bio: 

By-line info: Phyllis Walker is a fine art photographer and owner of Hummingbird Studios (http://www.hummingbird-studios.com) where she markets her work for home décor, office accents and all-occasion gifts. She is additionally the founder of Esperanza! A Woman’s Hope (http://www.esperanza-awomanshope.org) a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on offering scholarships to Georgia’s survivors of domestic violence who are returning to school for job skills upgrade. To schedule Phyllis for a speaking engagement, exhibit, or lunch and learn talk, contact her at hummingbirdlady@bellsouth.net.