Spray painting art or Aerosolgrafia is an interesting art form that uses cans of aerosol paint as medium. These artists use aerosol cans of different colors in their art together with ordinary objects like newspapers and bowls. Curious people gather to watch the artist get inspired by his or her background music while painting in public. The popularity of spray paint art is rising and continues to attract many aspiring artists from all over the world.

There are many how to spray paint tutorials available on the internet. Many sites offer a large variety of different techniques to those wanting to learn. The articles vary from the basic space painting to intricate underwater landscape tutorials. Some professional spray paint artists even offer courses to help beginners know more than just the basics.

Before one starts, he or she must first make sure that the items he or she needs are prepared. You must have the right paint, paper and a work area with proper ventilation. As much as possible one needs to work outdoors to minimize the exposure from the solvent vapors. It is also necessary also necessary to wear a mask to prevent inhalation of harmful fumes. When working with aerosol cans, one is not limited to use artist quality colors. You can also use the cans that can be bought in hardware stores. The downside of those is that they often contain toxic solvents. As they say in Mexico, "Cheap is expensive."

Aside from the basic requirements, an artist must also have a palette knife, old magazines or newspaper pages, circular objects, and other household objects. Creative use of these objects helps achieve different kinds of textures and effects in each painting.

One of the common subjects in this genre is planets since they are easy to create. To make a planet, you need to use a round object to create the basic shape. Once you create a texture using a few layers of color and a sheet of newspaper or plastic bag, place a can lid, bowl or a plate on the poster board and use a black to lightly mist around the object’s edge and create the outline of the planet. When you remove the bowl, you can use black to create a fine shadow along the edge of the planet that will make it look 3-D. Want to see it in action?

Here's how to create a texture with a newspaper. Apply a few layers of color. Use white on one side of the planet on the top layer. Crinkle up a piece of newspaper and then brush it gently across your paint. You can use other materials like paper towels, sponges, and even plastic bags to create different textures. Artists do not typically use brushes and other traditional art tools and mediums as a sign of respect for the spray art genre.

A cosmic themed artwork is not complete without a proper background. Before creating the sky, cover the planet up again with your bowl or plate. Fill the sky in with black, leaving some areas unpainted. Fill in the leftover areas with some beautiful colors of your choice. To add stars use a can of white, then hold it an angle and lightly mist the space by pressing the nozzle down only half-way. You can also spray the white paint onto a palette knife or piece of torn poster board and shake it over the painting to create different size stars. Since there different kinds of stars, other colors can be used to make stars as well. Another option in adding stars is to spray paint directly on a finger and flick it over the painting (this is messy so it is recommended to use gloves on this option). Remove the round object to finish the painting and reveal the celestial beauty underneath.

Once the artist knows how to spray paint, he or she has the option to make his or her talent profitable. The artist is free to mix different colors and techniques to make lively and original artworks. Of course not everything can be perfected in one day, it needs a lot of practice to achieve the desired.

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