Creating a great workplace culture is not accidental; companies must make a conscious decision to focus and develop a plan that fosters a fantastic working environment for employees. Without a strong culture, there will be no foundation for rapid growth. By focusing on culture, leaders can improve all aspects of their businesses, from productivity and hiring to customer relations and employee satisfaction.

The most important aspect of company culture is the physical environment. In many ways, the work space defines the culture.

People should get an idea of what it would be like to work for a company from the moment they walk through the door. A space that is clean, bright, and orderly reflects the culture positively.

Open work spaces, instead of private offices, result in better communication, better teamwork, better morale, and faster learning. Dividing people from one another by department or stature should also be avoided. By exhibiting creativity in workspace design, a company makes a visual commitment to doing things differently.

In addition to the physical environment, it is also necessary for entrepreneurs to create an outstanding social environment that will inspire everyone to do their best for themselves and for their teams. There are two main pillars that support a company’s social environment: hiring and communication.

Great people are essential to a great company culture, and effective hiring is the way to get great people. Companies must demonstrate the value they place on their employees by caring about them personally and talking to them about their dreams and aspirations.

It is necessary to create an entrepreneurial culture in order to build an entrepreneurial company. All employees should be treated as co-owners and allowed to learn how different parts of the company operate.

A profit-sharing plan also strengthens the sense of ownership. Each company must have its own way of building a unique people-centric culture.

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