A home with no clutter can be a happy welcoming place. People sometimes associate a minimal home with cold and unfriendly feelings; this never has to be what happens. Simplifying just means you keep the things you truly love and clear out the clutter and miscellaneous things with home organization. This will have you feeling calm, stress free, and most of all happy.

There are advantages to keeping a minimal, simple home. It can be a very positive thing. For starters it will reduce your stress level. When you lose an item in a cluttered home the search can seem endless. Even if you know where every item is clutter is still visually stressful. Your look from one thing to the next to the next and never know where to stop.

Remember the most recent home pictures you’ve seen in magazines. The homes you saw may have had an obvious emphasis on home organization, whether that was the first thing you thought of or not. When we see minimal furnishings of high quality and a couple well chosen decorations we find it appealing and so do others.

How much time do you spend cleaning? It will be less with a clutter free home. You have to move, lift or shift every single item you have in a room in order to clean. In addition you have to dust or vacuum every keepsake or furniture item in your home. You can save hours of time by simplifying.

Live better with less clutter what is so hard about that! Walking around your house it may suddenly hit you eliminating clutter and creating a more minimal home is going to be a very large job. You need to start one step at a time. Or for that matter one room at a time. If you try to plan for your entire apartment or house in one sweep you may feel defeated before you begin. Where do you start? This will certainly take forever. Don’t do that to yourself; instead start in the room you spend most of your time. When you have met your goals in that room you will feel empowered to keep going.

Decide what is important to you, that is what you will keep. For big impact look at your big stuff. Do you need all of the furniture in your room? You room needs to have enough furniture to function in the way you would like. But you shouldn’t be crowding up your entire floor, including with extra furniture. Once you’ve purged any extra chairs or side tables check that you aren’t stacking up things or storing them on your floor this will help you get the feel of a big open home.

Your room may feel cluttered because of needed items. Your stereo equipment and tv come with the presence of dvds and cds. You need them. But you can store them behind doors. Functional clutter may not be able to be eliminated but it can be stored where you can’t see it. These messy things don’t warrant display, what do you do with the things you do want to display? You should only have one or two display items in each room. They will give your pop of color. Artwork still works in a minimal home. Simple framed pieces are best when it comes to giving the room the overall look you are want. You don’t need to hang something on every wall, a bare wall works wonders to cut the cluttered feeling.

Choose design items for your room with simplicity in your head. Earth tones are best for your color palette. Subdued colors and solids are a good way to create the calming look you want. Avoid busy complex patterns. Use these colors and simple patterns on rugs, walls, and furniture.

Home organizationis necessary to keeping a house feeling minimal. Everything must have a place and a home. You need to develop a habit of putting them in this home, commit to it. If are struggling to find a home for all of your items to go, you may have kept too much! Stop and go through your things again in a few days and see what else you can be edited out. Keep looking at things wait a week, a month, two months. Just keep repeating the editing process and your home will stay a happy, clear and low stress place.

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