What makes students feel safe in the classroom depends upon the quality of relationship he shares with his teacher. Students bloom in the environment where they feel safe, nurtured and respected. All students including those with learning difficulties can excel if they feel mentally and emotionally comfortable in classroom.

In order to make students feel secured, teachers must adopt strategies that will create an atmosphere, where students can openly express their concerns. If it’s not so, then students might feel frightened and insecure. It further might create difficulty for him/her to learn. Teachers are required to dedicate time to make students feel comfy in the class and must perceive it as investment strengthening teacher-student bond. The teacher must be able to attend to child’s social and emotional needs as well, thereby ensuring whole well being of the child.

Trust building

Trust building is slow process that can be achieved through healthy interaction between student and a teacher. Developing mutual respect for each other is also important. Teacher must try building small –real life connections with the student and when one is able to do that it creates a more relaxed atmosphere that supports academics. Gradually, students feel a greater level of trust in the teacher and establish a bond.

Sharing, discussions and participation

The classroom environment should be safe and cozy enough that provides that sense to students that they can speak their mind clearly. They should be able to participate freely and fearlessly. Teacher must encourage but not compel participation in whole class discussions. The class environment should itself prompt the student to participate in the discussion and sharing sessions.

Create positive environment

A positive environment is crucial for students to open up. It boosts them up and makes them feel respected, supported, appreciated and valued. In such situation learning is absorbed more naturally and easily. Also, student is able to work with his full potential. Positive learning environment optimizes student learning and aids you to build an organized classroom group and create a joyful class environment for both teacher and students. For this, teacher must display positive messages and quotes in the classroom and even ask students to contribute them. Make a rule that only positive things will be talked about in the classroom. Prevent students from gossiping about other students and stop them from bullying each other. Also, most important is that teacher must try to make all students feel like they are an integral part of the class.

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