E-commerce is on the constant rise with the proliferation of internet users. Global pandemic did it no harm; on the contrary, being marooned in their apartments, people started to extensively rely on digital facilities to provide them with the comforts and amenities the modern civilization has brought forth.

With all the bright vistas beckoning to e-commerce ventures, a major obstacle that still hinders their triumphant march down the road to bonanza is the cautious attitude of shoppers. Many of them find it risky to send their money to an unknown merchant (especially if it is their first experience with this website) and anxiously wait for what seems an eternity until they get something palpable to dissuade their misgivings.

The waiting isn’t made any comfortable because of numerous questions that arise in the mind of uneasy shoppers. What if the product isn’t a good fit? Will I have to pay for return shipping? What if the order is lost in transit? What if it is shipped to the wrong address? To allay fears and dispel apprehensions of such fussy shoppers, stores policies for customers are of paramount importance.


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