Creating a vision is where most people have great difficulty.

There are so many challenging things that have to be overcome, and it is in not understanding what we are trying to achieve that shipwrecks many early attempts.

It is your right to obtain wealth and create enough money to live a fulfilled life, and you MUST decide what fulfilled means to you based on what you feel would make you happy.

It is always a problem when people look at others and envy their lifestyle, when the truth may well be that that person could actually envy aspects of your lifestyle. For example a “successful” business person may have lots of disposable income, and the supposed trappings of success, but because of the situation they are in, they may not have the mindset or the time to enjoy it.

When creating your vision, it is important that you factor in initially, the things you love about your life now, that cost nothing, for example time with your family, exercise regimes, being available to do things with your children, time to enjoy the natural wonders of the universe like sunrise and sunsets, and of course time with friends. It is these very things that some people seem to sacrifice, in an attempt to obtain money and things, that they think might make them happy.

Most of the extremely wealthy people I know, get pleasure from doing some very basic things, and always wish that they had more time.and others have arrived at where they wanted to be financially, and have realised their assets, and have so much time on their hands that they get bored.

So as you can see, the more balanced that you can make things on the way to achieving your vision the better. That is why I recommend not making too many sacrifices on the way by ignoring the things mentioned earlier, that you enjoy now.

It is very difficult for us to create a vision based on things that we know nothing about, and many people arrive at a point they were aiming for, but have lost many important parts of their life.

My recommendation, when creating your vision, is to not rush it, but really decide how things will feel when you achieve it. Factor in all the important things that we discussed earlier, and make sure that you do not sacrifice them in an attempt to accellerate things, thinking that you can put it right later. You will never be able to put those things right however much money you get, one thing you cannot buy is time that has already passed.

A point to consider here is very important and it is the true foundation of your success in creating and achieving your vision. You must change your thoughts and feelings deep inside, and truly believe in your ability to allow your new life to come to you.

I read somewhere that if all the money in the world was divided equally among all the inhabitants of the world, eventually the distribution would get back to pretty much how it was. That is the rich becoming rich again and the poor becoming poor again. This would indicate that each persons mindset has controlled the redistribution.

In conclusion, It does not matter what you visualise, if you do not change your mindset to one of belief in achieving, and faith in receiving, unfortunately you will remain exactly where you are.

Remember it is your right to have all you need and desire, and it is only past information and programming that is limiting you.

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