We all create something every minute of every day. It doesn’t matter if you are creating a sacred spot to call your own for reading or whatever you choose to do. Some people create relationships; some create artwork while others create time efficiency. We are continuously creating.

While you are busy creating, your mind takes you to a place of peacefulness and harmony. You might vision which way your furniture looks best or which area has more sunlight for your houseplants. It doesn’t matter; your mind takes you to that place.

If your area is filled with clutter, it means that your mind is going a mile a minute and you’re so busy catching up. You work with what best suits you. Regardless if it is a harmonious environment or a piece of art or a business or personal relationship, you are continuing to create who you are. Children learn from us and when we express ourselves in various forms they see it and will mock it.

Some people create havoc and drama; they are still creating what they want in their lives. It can be as simple as smiling or frowning, you are creating that space that is reflected onto others. By realizing that you are indeed creating what you put out for the world to see, you have the knowledge to change it.

Take a vision or a dream of what you want to become, once you see it and vision it, you will knowingly take the right steps to make it happen. This takes discipline! If you set up a routine to follow, you have to discipline yourself to adhere to it. Some people create things very easily while others struggle with it. It is all just a matter of making up your mind of what you want in your life.

You can live in the dumpiest of places, but by putting a plant or adding your own personal touch, it is not a dump anymore. Others may see it as the same, but you my friend have a vision. You have a flair to create, you will go places! Create what you want, enjoy what you do. Always keep a vision of where you want to go and stick to your plan on how to get there. Create your map of life and look to others whose map has led them there successfully. Create your surroundings, don’t let them create you.

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