The desire to decorate our homes in a way which reflects our personality is deep seated and easily understood. After all, our home is the place which we want to be able to retreat to at the end of a long hard day, and so it’s only natural that we would want to decorate it with things which not only look good but mean something to us.

A photo canvas is perfectly suited to fill this role, and, with the advent of digital photography, canvas printing is something which has been brought easily within the reach of everyone with a camera.

One of the key selling points of digital photography lies in the sheer number of photographs which it is now possible to take. Freed from the constraints of rolls of film and the prohibitive cost of having photographs developed and then printed, anyone with a camera now feels free to take as many photographs as they wish to take, and the sheer volume of images produced means that they’re absolutely bound to produce images of which they are quite rightfully proud. Added to the sheer number of images which can now be produced is the quality of those images.

Modern digital cameras, with their automatic settings and high pixel count, bring the production of stunning photographs within the reach of even the most inexperienced photographer. Results which would once have been the province of professionals are now achievable by anyone with even a relatively inexpensive digital camera, and this means that virtually every home in the country now has at least one, and probably several, photographs which are the equal of those displayed in galleries and art shops. In the past, the only way to display these pictures to the rest of the world, and use them to decorate the walls of your home was to have them blown up into larger photo prints and then put them in a frame.

The problem with this, however, lay mainly in the fact that magnifying the image invariably led to a dramatic drop in quality and the larger you went, the worse the quality became. A compromise had to be made, then, which resulted in an image which either wasn’t as large as you intended or was large enough but left a lot to be desired in terms of clarity. Canvas prints, on the other hand, solve this problem by utilising technology to produce images which are crystal clear and pin sharp.

The image of your choice can be reproduced on a canvas which can be anything from a small, square print to a full sized portrait or landscape capable of dominating a room of any size. The key to canvas printing lies in the flexibility which it offers. Some people may choose to have a candid, relaxed family portrait turned into a wall-hanging print, whilst for others, the chance to put photos on canvas offers a fantastic opportunity to showcase the quality of their still-life or landscape photography. Whatever the image of your choice, it will be printed onto professional canvas using the latest technology, and this canvas is then stretched over a sturdy wooden frame using the ‘wrap around’ technique favoured by galleries and artists everywhere.

This technique means that the image is printed to the very edge of the canvas, which is then stretched around and behind the frame, producing a stunningly professional result. Whether you’re a photographer wishing to showcase your work or just want a one off, totally unique piece of art with which to decorate your home, turning your photographs into art is now simpler than it’s ever been.
Once you’ve designed and ordered your photo canvas it will be put together to a standard which means it will last for many years to come.

Impervious to the ageing effects of sunlight and dirt, canvas printing will result in a treasure which can be kept forever and handed down through your family.

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