Having a Meditation Space can be a very important part of having meditation in your life. It can become part of your ritual. The space doesn't have to be huge, just a secluded nook in the home where you can be in total isolation to be able to think, relax, calm down and meditate. A place to sit back and get away from the fast-paced and stressful daily life that most of us live. Your own hideaway, where you can breathe freely and gather your thoughts together.

Choosing a Spot for Your Meditation Space

Quietness and stillness are the primary qualities that a meditation space must have. There's no point having a space where people will walk past or through, or where you can hear next door's dog or kids playing.

You can allocate part of your own bedroom for your meditation space. Any corner or nook that can be made secluded will suffice. You can use fabric/throws/curtains to seclude it off from the rest of the room if you like.

Furnishing your Meditation Space

A meditation space does not require a lot of furnishings. A comfortable chair, bean bag or large floor cushion will get you started with the essentials.

Some mode of playing music may be required. It helps a lot to meditate while listening to soft, instrumental music, or perhaps to recorded natural sounds like the singing of the birds or the sound of the waves or the sound of the falling rain.

Lighting is important, stay away from the harshly glowing fluorescent bulbs and opt for soft lighting or candles.

The walls of your space can stay as they are, neutral colours are best, or you may wish to decorate them with mandalas, uplifting or relaxing pictures.

You may want to keep a small table or chest in your space where you can store and put incense, candles, a journal etc.

Make sure your space is warm, when you meditate or relax your body temperature drops slightly. You can always keep a blanket in your space to wrap around you.

It is important not to over clutter the space, it should only have what you need. Too much stuff may become a distraction and stop this from being your space of peace and relaxation.

I always like to keep smudge sticks in my space and use the sage to cleanse the area before and after I use it. This too can become a wonderful part of the ritual and the smell of sage will become connected to feeling calm and relaxed. If you choose to keep crystals in your space then you can also use the smudge stick to cleanse them after your session too.

Lastly, respect your space and make sure that other people in your home do so too. Having a meditation space is a very personal and precious thing and it is important that it be treated as such.

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Bio- I am a Reiki Master, Yoga and Meditation tutor and Holistic Therapist. I enjoy working with energies to promote health and well being.
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