There are different techniques of hairstyle and makeup followed by our new generation more than the older one. Different makeup and hairstyle tricks are in trend these days. Stylz beauty salon consists of best makeup artist in Lucknow. It consists of a team of the professional makeup artist. Women’s are more interested in looking cool and unique through their hairstyles, keeping this in mind stylz beauty salon provides a team of professional hairstylist that will give you the type of hairstyle you want.
Everyone wants to have friendship with a girl having cool looks and long and healthy hair. This can be possible with you also. Now every girl can make her hairstyle according to her wish by following the tips and services provided by stylz beauty salon.

Stylz beauty salon provides you with various services regarding makeup and hairstyle with the maximum range in comparison to any other salon in Lucknow.

Haircare services provided by stylz beauty salon.

The services provided by stylz beauty salon are discussed below-

•Keratin treatment-
It is done in order to strengthen the hair. It comes from the bird’s feather and animal horn. Keratin prevents your hair from fallen down as it contains protein. It increases hair growth and also good for your nails health. Keratin is used by those who have unhealthy hair or one who suffering from hair fall. Keratin is used by the girls while styling their hairs. It makes their hair easily adjustable.

•Hair rebonding-
Hair rebonding helps in straightening the hair. Hair rebonding leaves the permanent effect on hair. It makes your hair look more beautiful. Hair rebonding involves the use of two chemicals namely cream relaxant and neutralizer. Hair rebonding helps you a lot in the windiest weather as it keeps your hair secure from the freezy weather. The effect of hair rebonding ended after 5 to 6 months.

•Hair coloring-
Hair coloring is also referred to as hair dying. Various types of pigments are used in coloring process. By hair coloring, you can change the color of your hairs according to your desire. Hair coloring is the best option for those who get grey hair at an early age. By doing hair coloring they can hide grey hairs easily which makes them feel confident.

•Perms and Chemical straightening-
In order to make your hair straight perms and chemical straightening is done. It involves the use of chemicals that make you get rid of curliness. Stylz salon provides this service for straightening of the hair.

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