Best of many worlds! Easy to customise and even easier to manage, our carpet tiles help you create the work environment you’ve always dreamt of - whether it’s a upbeat office or an active and collaborative meeting room. Wooden Flooring Texture

They effectively reduce noise, cushion the impact of drops and falls, and are extremely cost effective. And guess what, after a while if you feel it’s time for a change, you can do so conveniently! You can also choose different designs and combine them to create your unique flooring design. Cool, isn’t it?

Key benefits of our carpet tiles:
• Multiple design possibilities using a combination of different tiles

• Easy to maintain

• Ideal for heavy traffic usage in commercial offices

• Stain and fade resistant, and offer sound insulation

• Easy to install directly on the floor’s substrate

• Reduces wastage during installation

Go Bold with SLTC:
Bold, full of life and energy. That was the inspiration for our SLTC collection. Bright colours, bold lines all of which shout activity and energy. Ideal for spaces where time is of essence, efficiency the king and collaboration the key. Ideal for your start-up as you scale new heights. Use our carpet tiles and planks, separately or collaboratively. Dial up or dial down the intensity to bring that sharp dash of efficiency to your workspace. Premium Floor Tiles

SLTC Tiles Advantages:

- Multiple design possibilities

- Solution Dyed Tufted Product

- Ideal For Heavy Foot Traffic

- Stain Resistant

- Easy To Maintain

- Easy To Install

- Offers Sound Insulation

- Reduces Wastage During Installation

- Fade Resistant

- Fade Resistant

- 40% Less Environmental Footprint

Until now, just the thought of dust, noise, mess and the time it takes to change floors,
the lack of exciting designs forced you to resist a change in flooring. Not anymore! We have made change easy.

Easy to Install:

· Quick Installation

· Noise Free Installation

· Dust Free Installation

· Easy to carry

Easy to Maintain:

· Easy to Clean

· Easy to Replace

· Water Proof

· Termite Proof

Highly Durable:

· Stain Resistant

· Scratch Resistant

· Fire Resistant

· Termite Proof

Made In India:

· Tailor-Made Designs

· Lesser Lead Time

· Cost Efficiency

· Make In India

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Flooring is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a design for your home and choosing the right style can create a look that is both functional and beautiful. Certain types of floors are better for specific areas in your home, while others are not recommended in various spots, making the decision even more important. We’ll help you choose the right flooring options for your needs.