There are many ways to set up your packages, but I recommend building levels that entice clients to go for the high end. This not only serves you, but it truly serves your clients as well.

First of all, when clients stay with you for extended periods, they get that much more value, content and support to help them achieve their goals.

Second, you can be there to support them as new situations crop up, which always do in business.

Third, the longer clients stay with you, the fewer overall clients you’ll need to reach your monetary goals. This frees up your time to work on leveraged and passive income projects.

For example, when I offered private coaching in the beginning, I had three programs. One was the basic program that included three 30-minute calls per month for six months. Then I had two VIP versions. The smaller one included three hour-long calls per month for five months.

However, I made the top VIP program really juicy. It started with the same three hour-long calls per month, but I also included the two home-study systems free of charge. Next I added in a three-hour in-person session at my office free of charge, which had a very high perceived value. But that wasn’t all – it also included access to all the recordings and the Q&A calls too. The value was tremendous.

Given the way these programs lay out, you can see why the top VIP level was extremely appealing to potential clients. They knew they would not only have access to me and the one-on-one coaching, but they could meet with me in person, plus have all the incredible information from my home study courses and listen to all the recordings which added so much value. It was really hard to resist.

This is a great way to also break free from trading hours for dollars. Your top package offers so much value there is really no way to separate the content from the coaching regarding your price. All the add-ons cost you nothing to provide to VIPs because you are already delivering them to work with different levels of clients.

Your Client Attraction Assignment

Have you created your packages yet? If you have done so, great! You might want to take time this week to review your offerings to see if you can make your top level even more enticing.

If you haven’t established your packages yet, now is the time to get started. Think about everything you have to offer and see how you can build a VIP package that seems so valuable it becomes practically irresistible to your prospects.

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