Envision your success

Opportunities to expand are dependent on your focus, whether present, past or future. Consider your goals imagining how you would be different, how your business would change and how your life will be affected. Allow yourself to step into that vision now, as if it had already happened. Notice how you are feeling as you are doing this. Tune into the details. What you see and feel is important.
Next explore what you could be doing now which would help you reach your goal. There are changes you could be making right now, positioning you for the next opportunity. Awareness is the first step. Be open to the inspiration.

Uplevel your image

Upleveling. This is all about starting to make those changes now which affect how you feel about yourself, the way you and your business are perceived. Build congruency between your thoughts, emotions and actions to successfully reach your goal. The changes might be small, detailed and inexpensive. Or they might require investing in something to position you for success. It is different things at different times.

I have continued to build my business, making gradual significant changes, focused on upleveling. My goal is to connect with other like-minded business owners who are ready to play a bigger game in their career. To be seen as the solution I need to project a certain image. The intention is alignment of goals, actions and perceptions.

My image continues to evolve. This can be one of the most difficult changes to make, due to sentimental value. Each time I recognized the need to change, I embraced the process. Where am I now and where do I want to be? Because I am process-oriented, I needed to understand how a big change affects me personally, professionally and supports my vision.

My business has grown with the intention of modeling. This includes changing my ezine format drastically, upgrading my website to a blog as well as getting new headshots.

The first significant personal change had to do with make-up. For years I had not worn any make-up whatsoever. My image was very down-to-earth.

My decision to wear make-up was not because I felt a personal need for lipstick and mascara. I recognized the value of congruency between who I am and what I represent. Light make-up enhanced a specific professional perception.

Recently, I realized my hair needed more style. Now that might not be significant for some people, but it was for me. My hair represented years of letting it grow long, having long tendril curls. I loved my hair being different from everyone else’s. My hair is a statement of who I am; I have a strong attachment to it.

I knew, however, my hair embodied who I currently am. It is not congruent with my vision and the direction my business is heading toward. As difficult as it was, I made the decision to get my haircut. It was not about the haircut, but what that symbolized. I needed to let go of something old, in order to embrace a new direction.

Change is possible

Whether the changes are subtle, or not, they are noticeable. As you make changes, people will notice. As you progress toward your goal, the opportunities will appear.

Consider what you can be doing now which will help position you for reaching your goal. Is your appearance congruent with your business goal? Does your business card, website or photo give the impression you desire? Who do you spend time with? Are you networking with the right people who are growing and expanding or people who are satisfied with the status quo? I encourage you to look at your current business model, systems and support people.

Be prepared

If you have a big spurt of growth, would you be able to handle it? Too often entrepreneurs are not ready for fast growth and it leads to collapse. There is an implosion effect. These are some areas where you have choices to set you up for growth.

Changes are significant., whether big or small. Before you uplevel, consider your mindset. When your beliefs about who you are, your worth and your confidence are not aligned with growth, you will continue to hold yourself back from taking action. Having a strong inner game will prepare you for taking those necessary steps for success, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel. Moving past your fears, money issues and doubt sets the tone for success or stagnation.

Growth is uncomfortable. Making the choice to cut my hair brought up so many emotions. My stomach gave a little flip each time I thought about it. The choice to follow through, however, was empowering. Also, I felt so loved and supported by others as I made this move. I didn’t need to suffer through it on my own. Realizing I could safely share this with people who were able to honor the process was significant. I felt so loved.

In order to reach your goals, especially your BIG vision, you will be making changes along the way. Your mindset is powerful. Are you ready to move forward, or are you holding yourself back? Letting go of old beliefs and perceptions is life changing. As you change, your focus will change. This affects how you are perceived. The perception creates opportunities. You are responsible for the actions you take. As you can see, there is a domino effect. It all begins within you and what you are able, and ready, to do now.

Activity: Make a list of the ways you would be different once you reached your business and money goals? Consider all the changes which would happen in your daily life, your appearance, your business structure and your networking activities. How would you look, feel and be different?

Take a look at your list and think of any changes you might be able to make now to help set you up for successfully reaching your goal. Could you gradually make changes in your wardrobe, create a new system to run your business more efficiently, get a bookkeeper to manage your money, change where you network or even change where you get your nails manicured? The little changes are significant at increasing your vibration, taking you one step closer to your goal. Have fun, step out of the box and see how it makes a difference.

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From Loren Fogelman, the success expert, founder of Mindset for Marketing Success.