To know how the strategy works one must understand the concept of hollow mask illusion and then interpret it with the design element. The human brain understands the 3-d illusion with its limited perceptions. A hollow mask (often seen at carnivals and masquerade parties) is concave. This analogy serves as a beacon for the designer. The same effect can be parried to the digital image too. Image masking is an advanced professional service that is used by designers to assist photographers and ad agencies to bring a novel element in their images. A hollow image masking creates a stunning visual. And the delusions exist only in the minds of the ignorant. For an expert designer it is a well-known process. Image masking can be done in many ways. A designer manipulates the digital image to mask it in several ways. One way is the horizontal hollow mask (HHM). A nice image with minimum 600 dpi resolutions can bring fantastic results. With the use of normal tool bar, one can select the HHM tool to begin the work. The layer mask is used also to bring the required end result. The HHM tool can be used to highlight the text in the picture. The picture becomes opaque and the text is highlighted.

When an emergency requirement comes from a client to highlight an image with a topical text-example could be ‘end of season sale’ or ‘up to 50% off ‘with image of a woman with a shopping bag. An experienced designer will take about 20 minutes to execute the job and also provide options! The HHM mask technique can be really magical. Image backgrounds can be faded successfully with image masking also. This does not create a hollow or concave but provides a wonderful layer and a new angle to the image. The main tools to be used for such an execution are:

Placing copy of original in Photoshop

Layering the required number of masks

Addition of gradient, brush and moving tools

Final resizing of the altered image

And voila! The professional designing is done.

The final image can be uploaded for the client easily. The fresh visual appears on the online shopping page in less than an hour.

Whether it is hollow image masking or otherwise, the background is usually altered to accommodate the modification. Some images need extraction, or cut out. Either way the milieu is adapted to suit the new requirement. Sometimes removing the original setting can be painful. The eraser may do the job but then it is tedious. So what is the new solution? It can be done with the magic eraser, extraction, quick mask and pen tools. The final image can be made smoother. But only talented designers can create the right illusion. In the hands of an amateur it can create a disillusion and mar the appeal. Hence it is best to approach a company that has experienced designers who know the right ways to use the above techniques. After all it is a question of creating the right image!

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Atiqur Sumon
Chief Executive, DTP & SEO Expert at Outsource Experts Ltd.
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