Whilst it’s undeniable that photo calendars are genuinely useful and simple organizational tools, there’s still no getting away from the fact that the vast majority of them are extremely dull and uninspiring to look at, and that when an object is going to be hung in a prominent place in your house this really shouldn’t be the case. One way to maintain the usefulness of the objects whilst still having something which is pleasing to look at is to use your photographs to create personalized photo calendars.

The key to the practicality of photo calendars lies in the ease with which they can be used. Although completely low tech, they make it incredibly easy for absolutely anyone to input all of the important dates they wish to remember at the beginning of the year, since all that this entails is jotting them down on the relevant pages. Once the information is on there, it can be checked at a seconds notice, modified with the swipe of a pen and added to in a similar manner. What’s more, the fact that the whole thing is based upon paper and ink means that there’s absolutely no chance of the memory failing, battery running out or system crashing. It’s for this reason that they make excellent gifts for Mother’s day, with the only difficulty lying in finding a calendar which looks appealing as well as being useful.

Rather than undergoing the pretty thankless task of trailing from shop to shop trying to find a calendar which you think your Mum would be happy to hang on the wall of her kitchen, why not take a radical step and make a calendar yourself. A few years ago, this would have meant working with paper, glue, ink and printing equipment and, for most people, producing something pretty amateurish and unattractive. Now, however, the flexibility of digital photography means that anyone with a camera can produce a wide range of Mothers day photo gifts, from wall calendars to stunning canvas prints. No matter what the nature of the gift that you wish to produce, the technique will be the same. All that you have to do is upload the images which you think are apt and then utilize the software to design the gift you’ve chosen.

In the case of a calendar, this will mean choosing the size and shape and then aspects such as the layout of each page, with choices to be made between features such as a single dramatic image or a mosaic of several. Not only that, but it’s also possible to have key birthdays printed onto the pages of the calendar, and even ensure that it starts on a month other than January. In other words, every single feature is yours to modify, and the finished product will be manufactured to the highest possible standard. It isn’t difficult to imagine the delight that any Mother would feel upon being given a calendar featuring the happy smiling faces of her own children on each page, and then the pleasure that such a gift would continue to bring throughout the year. Since it will be checked more or less every day – confirming holiday dates, doctors appointments, when bill payments are due etc. – every day will bring a chance for the recipient to revel in the time and thought you put into their gift and the sheer joy of the magical childhood photographs.

Rather than making do with the same tired old gifts for Mothers day, thereby creating the impression that you’ve just bought the first thing you thought of, take the time to turn your own precious images into bespoke gifts such as photo calendars. Giving a personalized gift is like giving a little bit of yourself, and is the very best way to show that you care.

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