One of the chief advantages offered by the rise of digital photography lies in the flexibility which the images in question offer. Not only are they excellent photographs in their own right, easy to store and reproduce many times over, but they are also capable of being utilized in the creation of a wide variety of gift items, from cards and photo books to personalized calendars.

Purchasing a gift for somebody else is a hugely meaningful act. It’s a way of showing them precisely how much you care about them, that you’re thinking of them, and that they mean a lot to you. That’s why it’s so important to ensure that you choose exactly the right gift. Get it right and you’ll have got the perfect message across and made an impact which could last for many years. Get it wrong, on the other hand, and you’ll leave the recipient with the impression that you either don’t know them very well or don’t particularly care about them.

Of all the gifts you might wish to purchase throughout the year, from birthday presents through Christmas gifts and anniversary tokens, the ones which are perhaps the most fraught in this manner are Valentine’s Day gifts. When you give someone a gift on Valentine’s Day you may well be taking a fairly courageous step. If it’s someone who doesn’t yet know how you feel for them, then you’re putting your heart on your sleeve and making your feelings public, and even if you’re in a firmly established relationship then making a gesture on what is meant to be the most romantic day of the year is something which you want to get just right.

Choosing Valentines gifts for her/him is all about finding something which both matches their personality and, at the same time, expresses what you feel for them. It’s for this reason that personalised Valentine’s Day gift ideas make for such wonderful tokens. No matter what kind of budget you’re working to, you’re bound to be able to find something which exactly fits the bill, and the fact that it is based upon images from your own collection will mean that it’s unique and personal in a way which shop bought gifts couldn’t hope to match. A personalised photo calendar, for example, may not strike most people as being amongst the most traditional valentine gift ideas, but the fact that it is a little bit different will merely make it all the more touching.

The technology used to make these calendars means that putting them together is incredibly simple. Imagine a calendar made up of images of your first year together as a couple, for example, or of photographs taken from the whole of your relationship together. No sooner have you imagined it, than you can upload the images in question and then utilise the software to design the layout of each individual page. The flexibility of the process means that every detail is open to interpretation, from the highlighting of particular dates – the day of your first date, or the night upon which you got engaged, for example – to the actual month upon which the calendar starts, meaning that the finished product will be utterly unique and totally particular to your relationship.

The key selling point of personalised photo gifts is the bespoke, tailor made nature of the finished product. Whilst put together to standards as high as anything available in the shops, photo calendars based around photographs of your own special moments will get the job they’ve been designed for done, whilst also saying ‘I Love You’ each and every time they’re accessed.

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