Today’s strategy tip for multiplying your results in your business, is about getting you to be a much more productive in your market so that you make a lot more money. I was just on the phone with a client of mine yesterday, a Sapphire client who lives abroad, and we were talking about bringing in lots of new revenue in the next quarter, and we started talking about, “What is it that you do now that creates really good results?” I wanted her to see that she creates some of the best results in terms of more clients and leverage and more money in her business from very specific things.

It’s not a hundred percent of things that creates that big income. It’s just a few of those things, and it relates to Pareto’s Principle. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with it. Pareto’s Principle of Productivity is that your increased productivity comes from continually identifying where you achieve 80% of your results from 20% of your efforts.

When I look at this in my business, where is it that I create 80% of my results, by doing very little, and I don’t mean that I’m sitting here eating bon-bons in my office. Obviously I’m working, but there are some very specific things that I’m uniquely good at doing that create the best results, and the idea is that you want to identify, and you’ve heard about this 80/20 rule, identify those things that you do that create 80% of your results in 20% of the time, and simply do more of them. Does that make sense?

So, your two questions are: What are the things you do in 20% of your time that create 80% of your results and income? Get really clear on that, and this is what we talk about with my higher level clients in Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond. We really look at identifying what is that you’re currently doing right now that you’re so good at that it creates 80% of your results in a very short amount of time, 20% of your time.

The second question is: How could do even more of those things starting right now? If you begin to do that in your business, you will get more clients. You will make more money. You will scale your business, and it will be a lot more fun and it’ll be a lot more graceful. No more working so hard and being in overwhelm. It’s a very graceful process of looking at, “Hey, what am I already very good at? How can I create opportunities to do just more of those in my business to create even bigger results?”

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