The humble traditional towel rail has become a common installation in modern bathrooms. They offer an effective way to keep towels dry and also provide an economic, constant warmth to bathroom spaces.

Another interesting aspect of the traditional towel rail is its aesthetic appeal. Traditional towel rails are available in a diverse range of styles and shapes. They can create different effects for bathrooms from the classic column look through to ultra-modern freestyle designs. This can give you an extra element to play with when you are designing innovative and comfortable bathroom interiors.

Traditional Towel Rail Options

With a traditional towel rail you with have three main options:

1. You can run traditional towel rail products straight off a central heating system. This is a cost effective method of providing heat and dry towels in your bathrooms and cloakrooms.

2. You can buy traditional towel rail products that run an isolated heating element. These are not connected to central heating systems so they can be run independently at any time of the year. This is also an effective option if you do not have any central heating connections already in your bathrooms or cloakrooms. Isolated traditional towel rails will run off an electrical outlet which will save you the additional cost of sorting out pipe work.

3. A good compromise between these two choices is the dual-fuel traditional towel rail. This is designed to be run both from the central heating and also from an isolated heating element. This means you can run the traditional towel rail from the central heating system in the winter (which is cost effective) and then also use it in the summer months as well when the heating system is turned off.

Installing a Traditional Towel Rail

If you are thinking about improving your bathroom spaces then you should consider installing a traditional towel rail. These are versatile items that can provide a little touch of luxury to your new bathroom design.

- You will need to look carefully at your bathroom and decide which type of traditional towel rail would best suit this space. You do not want a design that intrudes into the room or obstructs access to any of the facilities. You can get traditional towels in a number of different designs. This includes flat, streamline options that will fit in narrow spaces and also larger designs that will heat a greater number of towels and larger areas.

- You also need to think about what type of heating option is best for your needs. If you have busy household that requires dry towels year round then a dual-fuel traditional towel rail is a good option as this can be turned on whenever you need it.

- Traditional towel rail designs are fairly simple to install so if you are good at DIY you should be able to do this yourself. However if the rail needs to be fitted to an electrical element you will need to get this part of the job carried out by a professional electrician to ensure it is safely installed.

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A traditional towel rail is a great addition to any home. This rail can provide a cost effective way for you to dry towels and keep your bathrooms spaces warm and cosy.