There is something special about a new year. It is a time when there is a beginning and an end occurring at the same time. It is a time to reflect and a time to project, or to make your resolutions. A resolution is really a goal and needs structure to be successful. Unfortunately, most people don’t keep them. We all know people who year after year say, “Tomorrow I go on my diet,” as they cut another big piece of cheesecake at the party they are attending. According to a recent poll by the University of Scranton, only 8% of the people with New Year’s resolutions are able to make a permanent change in their life. Almost half (46%) of the resolutions made don’t even last 6 months.

It does not have to be a new year for you to make a change or improve your life. You just have to stay motivated to stick with your goals. Personal growth is a slow and steady journey. Here are some tips to help you succeed.

1. Make a plan and take action. Be specific with your goals and objectives. How are you going to do it and by when?
2. Plan for setbacks. You will make mistakes so give yourself some leeway. Nobody is perfect. So what, if you are on a diet and one night have dessert with your dinner. As long as you keep up with your plan 90% of the time, you will be successful.
3. Don’t try to do too much too soon. Focus on one really important goal at a time. It takes at least thirty days to re-program your habits. It is better to take baby steps.
4. Do something you enjoy. In other words, don’t take up jogging if you really don’t like it. Find another exercise such as tennis, swimming, or something else that you like to do.
5. Have a support network. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed. Whether it means new friends, 12 step programs, or just getting closer to those who currently care about you.
6. Stop making excuses .Do it now, not later, or tomorrow. Set a goal and just do it.

One of the ways to accomplish this is to have an accountability partner. This person should be someone who is really interested in your success. Ask someone who will help you to take action and be a person that you can report back to. Otherwise, without such a person, it is too easy to make excuses. Sometimes it is family, friends, or a co-worker. If your budget can afford it, you can hire a personal trainer, join a health club, or work with a life coach. Sometimes working with an objective person can help you to develop goals, objectives, and achieve your dreams. Maybe this is the year to find romance, get organized, manage your finances better, change your career, break bad habit, or overcome an addiction. There are many specialized coaches who can help you.

Life is short. As you get older the years seem to go faster. Sometimes minor changes can be the difference between being happy or sad. Make this year a new beginning for you. Follow your dreams. Isn’t it time you stop making excuses and be happy and successful in your life. Follow the six steps listed above to help you be one of the 8% of the people that makes their New Year’s resolution or any other goal in life be a permanent lifestyle change. Contact Michael Malkush at Learn how you can achieve your goals with Michael's "Success Blueprint."

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Michael Malkush has spent most of his adult life helping people. As an author, motivational speaker, success coach and mentor, he continues to work with people to help them be healthy, happy and successful.

Michael has a Masters Degree in education and is a licensed New York State teacher.He has mentored new teachers and ran workshops to teach new skills to other educators. He is a certified professional life coach and a motivational speaker.

As a parent, teacher, and entrepreneur, Michael has achieved success, happiness, and enjoys a healthy lifestyle. He is the author of two books with which he shares his knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals and dreams too.

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