Which is that platform that offered more revenue for content creators? It is OnlyFans. Since its launch in 2016, performing artists across genres are getting more revenue. The London-based startup has a humongous user base of 150 million. Entrepreneurs can also set the stage for high growth now. You can come out with an OnlyFans clone and stir up a revolution.

How can artists reach their target audience with an OnlyFans Clone Platform?

Create an account - Content developers can instantly set up their profile on an OnlyFans clone platform. For instance, they can be actors, actresses, beauticians, chefs, influencers, gamers, models, sportspersons etc. They need to submit information like their age, email address, name, location etc. Content creators can later start posting photos and videos.

Fix a monetization strategy - Celebrities, as well as, influencers can make a fortune by posting content on OnlyFans. They can formulate tier-based subscription plans (monthly, quarterly, and yearly). Besides that, discounts and offers can be provided to get more subscribers.

Promote content aggressively - Artists can get more likes, shares, and views for their content. Wonder how? They need to share links of their content across instant messaging apps and social media platforms. Moreover, performers can use tools like co-creation, cropping, editing, etc. Besides that, they will know the level of engagement.

Schedule posts - Content creators can publish posts by deciding a strategy in advance. They can tap the Schedule option on their main content feed, add the media file, and release it at an appropriate time.

Are you keen on removing middlemen in content consumption? Reach out to an app development company and establish an OnlyFans clone soon.

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