Design plays a major role for any website. If the logo, font, images and colors of the website are not pleasing for the visitors, they might not visit your website again as for many people design defines the credibility of the website.
WordPress has plethora of themes to create a beautiful website. But one must choose these themes very wisely as a wrong theme decision can ruin your website design. Many factors help to create a beautiful website, so here are a few tips for staying on the path to creating an engaging WordPress site:

--Beautiful Images

Images plays a major role in making or ruining the appearance of any website. Many web designer and webmasters choose poor images for their websites. Poor image choice has severe impact on the brand image.
Though good images are going to cost you a little bit but still it will in turn favor your website design and your brand image for future. If you still don't have the budget for high quality photographs, you can still find some good images from the following sources like Instagram, Flickr Creative Commons, stock.xchng, Wikipedia Commons, ask permission from the photographer and give him credit in your website.

--Effective Font Choice

Font must be choose very carefully and wisely as font affects the design and legibility of the websites to a great extent. Font choice is quite crucial for the readers of website or blog as a bad font can discourage visitors to read your content.
If you have any problem in choosing font for your website use standard fonts like Helvetica, Arial or Georgia as they work across all the major browsers without any problem. If you want to choose a good font for your WordPress website these plugins comes in handy: WP Google Fonts, Typekit Fonts for WordPress, Fontmeister .
The following resources have a good collection of free fonts for WordPress websites :, exljbris Font Foundry,,

--Wise Use of Colors

Getting too much creative with color schemes can be a bummer for your website design, if you are not well versed with the color theory. So if you don't know how to use colors effectively in your website then try to use 2 neutral contrasting colors for your website along with pinch of 1 highlighting color.

--Defined Logo

Companies around the globe pay millions of bucks for logo designing, always remember logo is not only an icon on the top of your website it's rather defines your company and give identity to your brand. So if you want your website look professional get your logo designed by a professional designer or use resource like Logopond for finding excellent and affordable logo designers.

--Avoid Clutter

When your site contains too much clutter like excessive advertising, lot of social media buttons, auto playing music and videos, popping up newsletter and forms the readers surely get annoyed and loose their focus from the content. So it's better to avoid such distractions and place the ads wisely so that the readers won't get annoyed and leave your blog or website.

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