We all are aware of the marketing tricks. Here tricks does not mean lies but the way of presenting. This world is too superficial. It is true that people get more attractive toward those who market themselves in the best way rather than those who may be a thousand time better people and look average rather than those who look awesome in their presentation. However on the other hand, it is also true that a smart man will shine through his eyes, will not wear the rough even in his poor financial condition and will not have a fatty body. Those who take care of their appearance are smart in mind. It could be partially true. There are exceptions too. But as we know people believe what they see. So let them see the truth but covered in sugar coats.

When you send your proposal for rishta to someone you try your best that the person whom you are proposing must accept your proposal. Then you try to present yourself in a manner that attracts the proposed person most. The same way, we should create our profile on shaadee.pk in a way that it attracts the desired proposals.

Its example is the same as when we go to seek a job and we are interviewed. The employer judges us in 15 minutes of interview and offers us or rejects us for the job. For that matter your resume matters a lot. We try to prepare the CV the best of the world so that we don’t get rejected, this is how we should present ourselves in a shaadi profile in a way that no one could reject us. There are some tips to follow that will make your profile stand remarkable.

Tell your real education, real caste, real name, real job experience, real age, and real details about life. Truth is beautiful. People like honesty. Faithfulness is an impressive thing that attracts the other person. On the other hand, tell about yourself in your own way. Every individual is different and beautiful in its own way. There must be some beautiful human for you. God sends your partner on earth, all you need an effort to find that person. For the very reason shaadee.pk has been formed to help you in finding that person. Your picture that you upload must not be filtered or be taken with a beauty cam but it should be beautifully taken to upload on your profile.

There is a description box in your profile. Where you can write maximum as much as you want to give a glimpse of your personality. This is the tried method to attract more on your profile. This box is open, you can write about your hobbies, your simple life, about explaining your job and the person you are looking for.

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