Did you know that you really can change the world with your thoughts? While we all know that it is better to go through life with a loving, positive attitude, did you realise that your thoughts are actually sending real energy into the world and making changes there?

People used to believe that their thoughts and consciousness were limited to their physical bodies. However, with the discovery of Quantum Physics in the 20th century, it was proved that simply by observing light or electrons, the presence of our consciousness changed their behaviour. If you're interested in the details, look up the double slit experiment. Since that time, many experiments into the effect of human consciousness have been performed.

The Scientific Proof

Here is just one example of a scientific study into the power of human consciousness.

A Scientist named William Braud performed experiments in the latter part of the 20th century to investigate whether human consciousness could affect other living things. He had already successfully demonstrated that humans could influence the speed of gerbils running in wheels, and could protect the membranes of red blood cells, preventing them from bursting when placed in a strong salt solution.

He devised an experiment to see whether one person could affect the body of another person remotely. A volunteer test-subject was isolated in a room, and attached to what was essentially a Lie-Detector. This equipment measured changes in the body which correspond to stress: for example the electrical conductivity of the skin. When under stress, the sympathetic nervous system triggered sweating which changed the conductivity of the skin. In this way, Braud could measure, scientifically, whether his test-subject was relaxed or under stress. Video cameras enabled someone in another room to look at the test-subject. A second volunteer was then instructed to stare at the test-subject on the video monitor. There was no way that the test-subject could know when they were being stared at on the monitor. Braud's results showed that the stress of the test-subject increased significantly while they were being stared at, and decreased when the staring stopped.

In the second part of the experiment, Braud got two strangers to talk together, get to know each other, and purposely stare into each other's eyes. This resulted in them forming an emotional and energetic bond. He then repeated the experiment with these people. Amazingly, when the test-subject was stared at remotely this time, their stress levels decreased dramatically. The emotional bonding had the effect of making the staring pleasant to the subject, and even when done remotely on a video monitor, their body felt the results and responded accordingly.

What does this mean for us?

Think of the amazing consequences of these results! Your conscious intention really can change the world. It has been proven, scientifically, that your thoughts can remotely change the physiology of another human being. Next time someone tells you that distance healing is impossible, tell them about William Braud's experiment! It shows that your consciousness extends outside the limits your physical body, and that it can make measurable physical changes in the world.

You Can Programme Your Environment

You can test this out for yourself by setting a room in different energies. The best thing to do is set the room while it's empty without telling anyone. Then when your friends or family go into the room, observe their behaviour.

Stand in the middle of the room and close your eyes. Imagine the energy centres at the top of your head and at the bottom of your feet opening, and connecting you to the energy of the Universe above, and the Earth below. Now, mentally focus on a horrible energy: mentally tell the room how disgusting and unhealthy it is, how full of hatred and rubbish. Really focus on sending that horrible energy out. Imagine that unpleasant energy streaming out from your thoughts, programming the room. Now, leave the room, let other people go in, and observe how they behave. You will find that they are irritable, argumentative and stressed. They may even get headaches!

It's important not to leave the room like this for very long! Once you've seen the effects for yourself, go back into the room and replace the negative energies with beneficial ones.

To do this, imagine a beautiful pink and gold light in your heart. As you breathe, feel that light expanding and getting brighter and brighter. Let it expand out of your body to connect with the unconditional love of the Universe. Now mentally command that the wonderful energy of unconditional love fill every atom and molecule of the room. Visualise or imagine the pink and gold energy flowing from your heart and completely filling the room. Make sure every corner is filled and then allow the people back in. Now, when people go into the room, they will be much calmer, happier, and they will get along better.

If you programme your room with unconditional love like this in the morning, you will have a much less stressful day. This technique is a wonderful tool for mothers, childminders and teachers!

A New World!

Imagine how different the world would be if we all intentionally send the energies of unconditional love into our daily lives. Think of the effect that could have on the war-torn regions of the world.

Once we understand how powerful our thoughts and intentions really are, and truly believe in that power, we can not only heal our own lives, but transform the world too!

[William Braud's experiment is published in the Journal of Parapsychology, 1993, vol. 57, 391-409]

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Dr Anne Whitehouse studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge University, but after a life-changing illness, became a transformational therapist and writer. Anne works with people to change their negative mental programming, free them from traumas and create the life they want. She is author of You Are The Alchemist - Transform Your Life, a book which teaches you how to change your life, using your mind.

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